5 Animated Explainer Video Trends

Brands and businesses have to continuously switch up their marketing strategies to personally connect with their customers online. We know that videos are one of the most efficient ways to do this but using the same old videos time and again can grow stale. When you switch up the types of videos you’re creating, you can make an even bigger impact. Animated videos are a modern and exciting way to relay a message. They’re quicker than a traditional video and use unique storytelling methods.

Here are five animated explainer video trends:

  1. Mobile optimization. Think about the ways people are accessing information. Most aren’t rushing to their computers for solutions — they’re turning to their mobile devices. Get in front of your on-the-go audience with an animated explainer video. These short videos quickly showcase your product or service in a way that’s easy to digest. But don’t forget to optimize your animated explainer videos for desktop and mobile, so your offerings are always accessible no matter what type of device your customer uses.
  2. Combining animation tactics. Animation can start to feel like a one-trick pony at times, however your messaging becomes fresh and exciting when you combine its different types. Consider your library of animated video explainers — is there a way to connect what you have with a new 3D perspective? 2D and 3D animated explainer videos were a massive trend in 2020. Combining these two techniques can help you stand out from all the marketing noise in 2021.
  3. More personalization. Personalization isn’t necessarily a trend but a tried and true marketing tactic. It may seem challenging to create a personalized animated explainer video, but it’s entirely possible. Knowing your target audience and breaking it down by interests, profession, and location can help you determine what kind of animated explainer video will work for each of those groups. Creating individual explainer videos for each target market may sound expensive but working with the right video production company can help. When you customize your ads, you’re improving your ROI and increasing your revenue streams.
  4. Illustrate with whiteboard animation. One of the most popular methods of speaking to an audience in 2020 was whiteboard animation videos. These unique videos are expected to trend throughout 2021, too. Not only are whiteboard explainer videos compelling to the viewer — they’re also more cost-effective to make. With this animated explainer option, you’re able to clearly explain the topic at hand and depict difficult concepts with ease. Your target audience will be able to grasp the most important information you need to relay to them in the fastest and simplest way. What’s more, whiteboard animation is versatile and applicable to a variety of different industries.
  5. Greet your customer the moment they arrive. Digitally, of course! Animated explainer videos aren’t just an asset meant to be blasted out to your customer at a specific time. They can also live on your website and compel anyone who visits. That’s why using animated explainer videos in your website background is another 2021 trend. Doing this makes your site more dynamic and gives you the chance to demonstrate how your product or services work as soon as the potential customer arrives. Tell your brand story; describe your values or the problem your company seeks to solve; welcome your potential customer and thank them for being there. No matter what your message is, when you include an animated explainer video in your site’s background, it can help drive your customer in the right direction. 

Marketing is constantly changing, but the purpose behind marketing remains the same — to connect to your customer in a meaningful and engaging way. Animated explainer videos are one the best and easiest ways to make an exciting impression on your consumers in today’s business landscape.

Guest article written by: Patrick Rafferty is the owner of RaffertyWeiss Media, a Washington, DC-based full-service video production company. He has over 20 years of experience as a producer and director of TV spots, corporate image films, marketing videos, and more.

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  1. I think this is very cool, because doing this kind of stuff is a form of getting way with always using ”normal advertising”, so it’s more engaging for the client


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