How To Save More On An iPhone XS Screen Replacement Or iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement

by Guest Author on April 27, 2021

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iPhones are built with expensive hardware components, and although some models like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max frames are made of strong metal, most of the body is actually made of glass that can seem fragile. While this gives the phones a more high-end feel, it can also mean that even the smallest drop can cause some serious damage to the display or back glass.

In the best-case scenario, a cracked screen can be unsightly and could obstruct the view of things on the screen. Although it may be damaged,  it won’t result in a blank screen or get in the way of the touch functionality. However, a broken screen would definitely compromise the iPhone XS’s water resistance, making it more likely to experience water damage.

Without a doubt, an iPhone XS screen protector would be the best way to prevent damage from occurring to your screen, but a screen protector is not foolproof and accidents will still happen. When it comes to the iPhone XS display price or iPhone XS Max display, The Super Retina HD display these Apple phones have is not cheap to fix or replace. In this article, let’s explore the best repair option available to you, which should give you a better idea of replacement parts pricing for an iPhone XS screen replacement or iPhone XS Max screen replacement.

How much can the iPhone XS Screen Replacement cost and iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement cost?

The first place most people go to for an iPhone XS replacement screen is the Apple store after trying to figure out how much the iPhone XS screen will cost. The Apple Store is a good start for AppleCare+ repairs, but if the phone is out-of-warranty, repairs can be a bit more expensive. According to Apple, an out-of-warranty iPhone XS screen repair can cost you $279 and an iPhone XS Max screen repair can cost $329 as well as it could take weeks to get a slot for the repair.

iPhone model Apple store screen repair cost
iPhone XS Max $329
iPhone XS $279
iPhone XR $199

If the decision to go through with an Apple screen repair, one will need to schedule an appointment in advance. Often times the appointment will have to be made weeks in advance, as the total number of Apple Stores around the country is limited. This means if your iPhone XS’s screen is completely destroyed or does not function well, the Apple Store repair might not be the best option for you.

If your intention is to save both your time and money, phonepartworld can help you find the right replacement screen for both the iPhone XS display and iPhone XS Max screen replacement.

Phonepartworld offers its services by providing genuine and brand new replacement screens for any iPhone. Their service is not only faster but is also significantly lower priced than Apple and most repair shops. Phonepartworld ships its products all around the world. They do not compromise on quality and deliver the best replacement parts to repair any iPhone models.

iPhone XS Screen Repair or iPhone XS Max Screen Repair

In the case of the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max screen repair, it averages around $200+ in most repair shops—no doubt that it’s cheaper than going with the Apple Store’s out-of-warranty repair — and depending on the local repair shop you go to, rates do change. But, with phonepartworld, these repair costs and parts cost can save you a whole lot more when you do the repairs yourself. The iPhone xs screen replacement and iPhone xs max replacement screen would cost you an average of $50 to $80 depending on the location you place the order from. This average price includes the screen and tools to repair your iPhone XS at home.

Is the iPhone XS screen repair worth it?

iPhones are some of the most high-end smartphones available today, Apple’s level of quality control is amongst the best in the smartphone category. The replacement parts costs differ from different online stores. Sourcing brand new replacement parts can get complicated on online stores like Amazon and eBay.

When something does happen to your iPhone — be it a cracked or broken screen, response issues or water damage, etc. Most people have two options: to either repair their iPhone or purchase a newer model. There’s another option that will save you hundreds of dollars: Purchasing the replacement parts on Phonepartworld.

Usually when it’s time to repair any broken iPhone, generally the older models are much cheaper to repair than the newer models. So in the case of an iPhone XS screen repair or iPhone XS Max screen repair— Yes, it’s worth it to repair the iPhone. The iPhone xs replacement screen or iPhone xs max screen replacement from phonepartworld along with the repair tools can certainly save you hundreds of dollars if you perform the repairs yourself. It’s fairly easy to do these repairs at home with the help of online tutorials available on youtube.

To find cheap and affordable iPhone replacement parts near you, reach out to phonepartworld –

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