Android App Development – Everything from Cost, Technologies, & Beyond

One of the cutting-edge technologies that is widely used today is Android. The popularity of the Android platform has skyrocketed in recent decades as a result of technological improvement.

Currently, there are 2.84 million Android apps accessible in app stores right now, and it’s predicted that the number will further reach to 3.4 million by the end of 2023.

Now you can assume how far the Android market has taken over the mainstream ones. Therefore, whether you operate a small or a huge business, you should consider investing in a reliable Android application for it.

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What is Android App Development?

Android is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Andy Rubin created it in 2008.

Java programming was initially used in the development of Android. Java, however, necessitates complex coding and lengthy, comprehensive language. As a result, a significant number of Android app developers have begun using Kotlin to build Android apps. The reason is that Kotlin includes extensive libraries and procedures and is simple to code in general.

For building data-driven, responsive mobile apps, Android is generally a flexible, user-friendly application platform.

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Which Apps are Simple to Develop – Android or iOS?

The vast majority of app developers think that developing iOS apps is simpler and faster than developing Android apps. However, the market for iOS technologies is quite limited. And developing its applications is expensive, too.

Though, the time to market the iOS application is fast and efficient as it doesn’t involve hardcore expertise or knowledge. 

Conversely, the time to market is longer for Android apps because they require specialized knowledge in order to develop. However, there is a sizable audience for it, and its development is cost-effective.

Simply put, you can create iOS apps if money is not a concern for you. On the other hand, if you want to reach a large audience, you should consider creating an Android application.

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 How much does an Android App Development Usually Cost?

The most frequent search on Google is “How much does it cost to design an Android app?” There is no exact information available anywhere about how much price is required to make an Android app. However, a lot of factors influence the price.

  •         First and foremost, the pricing of your app will ultimately depend on your app’s goals and objectives.
  •         Also, it depends on your target market, the platform you plan to employ, and the number of features and functions you want to include in your app.
  •         Third, the technical and complexity of your application are key price-determining variables.

A mobile app’s design typically costs between $100,000 and $500,000. However, depending on the needs of your apps, the cost of an Android application ranges from $70,000 to $110,000.

The majority of other Android app development firms have various pricing based on their location, expertise, technical prowess, and skill set. Therefore, be sure to first assess the price plan of any app development business you intend to work with. Plus, check out Android app developers in San Francisco to get premium services at affordable rates. 

Java or Kotlin? Which Programming Language is Best for Android?

Developers employ a wide range of programming languages to create Android apps. However, Java and Kotlin have been the most widely used programming languages for a time.

Due to its sophisticated syntax, Java technically involves difficult coding. Java coding is difficult and time-consuming. On the other hand, Kotlin is a useful, engaging, and contemporary programming language. Because it has user-friendly features and functions, it is in more demand.

Apart from that, developers can write code in Kotlin without a thorough knowledge of using this platform. Developers now create Android apps using Kotlin with ease. Additionally, Kotlin is prioritized by developers because it detects and fixes Java’s errors.

The main issues with Java are its lack of proper built-in null safety, as well as its brevity and conciseness of code. Although more study is needed and studies are still in progress, Kotlin can be used to create Android apps.

Both Java and Kotlin have benefits over one another. Therefore, pick the option that best meets your needs.

Best 3 Tools for Android App Development

 Android Studio

One of the most popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) used by a sizable community of app developers and designers today is Android Studio. There are numerous benefits of using Android Studio while creating Android applications.

  •         First and foremost, this platform is simple to use and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge in order to utilize.
  •         Second, it offers a huge selection of libraries, features, and capabilities.
  •         Third, writing, testing, and debugging codes are simple in this framework.
  •         Finally, and most importantly, it offers endless free access to other tools.

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB, commonly known as Android Debug Studio, is a tool for developers and designers to connect Android smartphones to additional devices. This tool is primarily utilized during the development phase. Additionally, this technology makes the QA and Debugging processes simpler and more effective.


Flutter is a renowned open-source library that Android developers and other IT professionals use to create various types of apps (Android, iOS, and Web).

Generally speaking, Flutter is a platform that makes it possible to create native and cross-platform applications.

This platform has several capabilities for writing, testing, and debugging codes and is simple to use. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about creating unique codes for several platforms while working with this fantastic platform.

Ultimately, flutter technology enables you to build and operate programs across several platforms with a single codebase.

Final Thoughts

We have covered practically all aspects of Android app development in the article above. Including what it is, whether iOS or Android apps are simpler to create, and how to estimate the cost of creating your mobile application. In addition, we listed the top 3 technologies and tools for developing Android apps.

We hope that you will find this article to be useful and informative.

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