5 Ways to Supercharge your Content Marketing Strategy using Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing panders to sensationalism and eccentricity, and might just be what you need to spice up your monotonous content marketing. It has the potential to sweep your audience off their feet and alter their perspective on your brand image.  And the bar of entry is low enough for small businesses. Online guerilla marketing can … Read more →

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Infographics in Your Content Marketing

It wasn’t long ago that marketers were declaring that infographics were dead—but that prediction couldn’t have been more incorrect. There are numerous types of infographics that marketers can now use to tell diverse brand stories and grow their audience.  We look at the five reasons you should be using infographics in your content marketing. 1. … Read more →

6 Content Writing Secrets According To Professional Writers

A lot of contents start with writing a string of words. No matter what content type you make, you can have the benefit of knowing what most professional writers do to create high-quality content. One of every content marketer’s biggest struggle is finishing enough content and keeping the quality high. This is what professional writers … Read more →

Best Guide to Become Content Writer

The task of being a content writer is not easy as most of you think. It requires conscientious knowledge of the concepts and additional traits in order to frame content which is readily accepted by the readers. Quality and expertise are seen as the prime pillars of this profession which are instilled in both junior … Read more →

7 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content

Content marketing can be best described in simple terms as a pull strategy. Instead of sending out self-promotional messages you attract people by sharing engaging, customer-focused content as a magnet. In order to make your content marketing strategy work and attract prospects, you need to have magnetic content in the first place. Hire PHP Developers … Read more →

SEO Copywriting: How to Ensure your Content Ranks in Google

SEO copywriting is both a challenge and an essential ingredient in every SEO strategy. It’s the art of creating content that contains selected phrases and keywords that ranks high on Google. It combines both the techniques of copywriting and SEO to create content that’s great to both the visitors and search engines. However, the most … Read more →