The Dos and Don’ts of Web Copy

New web copywriters often find it challenging to come up with fresh and engaging content pieces for their audiences. However, there are many tips that can help them stay consistent and create content that does well on search engines. Most companies hire professional copywriting services to maintain the high quality of their published content. If … Read more →

How to Promote IT Services via Content Marketing Techniques That Speak Volumes

  Your potential customers may be, at this very minute, looking up your services online, reading your blog, or navigating your site without yet having made a decision to purchase from you. Your prospects are trying to grasp how well-acquainted you are with their problem and if you know exactly how to help them. So, … Read more →

Why Content Plagiarism is harmful to your SEO and how to avoid

Original and fresh is what is considered often by people. Whether it is about food, clothes, or content, originality has its own essence and quality. As people always prefer unique things in their lives, writers should also write unique and fresh content that is free from plagiarism.  Plagiarism can be explained as copying other people’s … Read more →

This guide provides the definitive guide on content marketing in 2021

Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits of content marketing by increasing their business turnovers. Taking advantage of content marketing can benefit your online reputation, help you build a community. This way, you can give your brand a great boost and increase the number of supporters. Content marketing increases backlinks by 97%, decreases search … Read more →

6 Article Writing Tips to Make Your Traffic Soar

SEO and content writing are two sides of the same coin. Without SEO, your content will be lurking somewhere on the 50th page of search results; and without content writing, search engines will have no reason to rank your page. This is why getting more traffic to your website requires a decent content writing strategy … Read more →

Apple is the World’s Most Admired Company for 14 Years Straight Now

According to Fortune, Apple has topped their annual list of the world’s most admired companies. The tech giant has been first in that list for an impressive 14 years straight now. For the 2021 list, Fortune narrowed down 1,500+ companies to the most admired in the world with the assistance of management consulting company Korn … Read more →

Spanish YouTuber Earned €1M in Just a Week

A YouTuber in Spain earned €1 million in just a single week showing people how to get more hits on their websites, by making it appear in Google’s top search results. Romuald Fons, a 43-year-old Spanish YouTuber and entrepreneur, recently made headlines as he made a whopping €1 million in just seven days by selling … Read more →

Netflix Smashes Audience Records with 203M Subscribers

Netflix, a well-known American Internet streaming media provider, has announced on Tuesday that it now has more than 203 million subscribers all over the world, after 8.5 million new customers have signed up between October and December 2020. In Netflix’s quarterly letter to shareholders, the entertainment/media company’s annual revenue reached £18.3 billion, a 24% increase … Read more →

Using Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Cleverly To Achieve Your Goals

Instead of pitching your brand, there is another approach to drive profitable consumer action. And that is content marketing. This is a strategic tactic that centers on structuring and disseminating useful, relevant and consistent content to draw and retain a clearly defined target audience. We can confidently say content marketing is a win-win situation for … Read more →

5 Best Content Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Read

Nowadays people don’t like advertisements. They use AdBlock, unsubscribe from emails, ignore sponsored posts, and skip video ads. So how can you do branding for your company and promote your services and products in such an environment? The answer is Content Marketing. It not only conveys all the information to your targeted audience but starts … Read more →

How to Repurpose Content on Your Blog

Creating a piece of high-quality content for your blog takes time and energy. From brainstorming ideas to doing keyword research and checking out competitors’ content, it’s no small feat to consistently produce new content. On top of that, not all content does well or resonates with your audience. If you strike gold with a piece … Read more →