Using a Scheduling Software and Other Proven Ways How to Effectively Boost Employee Productivity

Productivity is a crucial factor that affects most, if not all, significant business metrics such as revenue, operational expenses, employee turnover and retention, and even client approval and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it has an influence over more intangible, yet equally essential, elements which include work environment, brand identity, employee experience, and company culture. With any … Read more →

Why is Incorporating Ergonomic Design In the Office Crucial for Employee Productivity?

We, as hard-working people, spend hours every day at work. It is reasonable to aim to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible. The benefits can present themselves on multiple planes, such as productivity, comfort and even health and employee retention. Ergonomic design is much more than matching your chairs with your office work … Read more →

5 Office Filing System Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to sorting, organizing, and cleaning files in an office, even the most active person in the office tries to turn the task down and pass it on to someone else. Yes, I totally admit that filing can be such a daunting task; but someone has to do it, and that someone can … Read more →

Optimizing Your Office for Cloud Computing

With so many businesses making the switch from computer hard drives to storing data on the internet via “the cloud,” it’s likely you’re reading this because your business is one of them. If your business is interested in moving your data to the cloud but is new to the concept, read on for tips on … Read more →

Empowering Your Talent Acquisition Team

Summary: There is no question about the importance of getting talent acquisition right – the question is how. Empowering the talent acquisition team to collaborate better, complete tasks faster, and establish an effective process will help. In organizations, talent acquisition is one of the most important tasks. Indeed, it is not an exaggeration to say … Read more →

How to Streamline Trainings at Workplace

The process of hiring employees for your organization is just like firing a gunshot at the beginning of the race. But turning your new and existing employees into long-term future top-performers isn’t mere sprint but a marathon. It takes huge amount of effort, coordination and planning to reach the finish line, and everyone needs some … Read more →

5 Secret Techniques to Throw an Engaging Office Party This Holiday Season

The excitement of holiday season is seen everywhere! People are busy in their shopping and travelling spree, while most of the businesses are preparing themselves to boost their sales. From kids to elderly, everyone is being swept away by this seasonal wave of fun, entertainment and enjoyment. So why shouldn’t office goers be part of … Read more →

The Top Gadgets Your Office Needs For 2019

Your Must Need Office Gadgets For 2019 Every business wants to get the best from its resources, employees and time. Getting your hands on the hottest new technology can lead to smoother office processes, rapidly completed tasks and a happier workforce. With this in mind, we’ve sought out the hottest gadgets to invest next year. … Read more →

The Best Eco-friendly Gadgets for Your Office

Over the years we have come to realize that climate change is real and that global warming will have drastic outcomes on our planet’s wellbeing. Scientist’s from across the world have shown that if major countries do not collaborate with each other to combat these real-life imposing threats then within the next century, temperatures within … Read more →

How Bad Enterprise Software Can Drive Away Your Top Talent

Companies invest in enterprise software with the primary goal of enhancing productivity and efficiency by supporting business logic. The right software solution can perform various business functions including bookkeeping, accounting, customer relationship management and order processing. Because EAM, CRM and ERP software and other enterprise applications perform a variety of key functions, they often require … Read more →

Everything Your Office Needs to Run Efficiently

Your office is your home base, which is why you need to make sure that it is comfortable, organized, clean, and efficient. If it lacks in any of these areas, you are losing money, you and your employees will work at a slower pace, and you won’t be doing your best to ensure that your … Read more →

How To Utilise Virtual Presence With Virtual Offices

If you’re in a line of business that allows you or any of your team to work remotely, you’ve probably already heard of virtual offices. Maybe you’ve utilised one before or you’re working from one of these facilities right now. Maximum productivity is normally the main goal for any business. It’s been said that people … Read more →