Google vs Your Blog – How to Make Friends with Google

July 15, 2016

Most bloggers will strive to entice Google to like their blogs. In the past few years, Google has implemented some changes and the fact that Google’s changing algorithm has made many industries enter a state of shock. If you do the basic SEO things for your website, such as creating powerful content and excellent marketing […]

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SEO – Why Sitemaps are Important

December 4, 2011

There are several SEO tactics which can help you optimize your site. One of the tactics that is at times overlooked is sitemaps. As the name suggests, this is a map of your website which shows things such as the sections of your website as well as its structure. Sitemaps make site navigation easier. Therefore, […]

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

June 7, 2010

WordPress has garnered much love from the blog community for its ease of installation, ease of configuration, and ease of modification. Many sites are even starting to use it as a content-management system (CMS) to drive the entire site, not just the blog or news portions. The power of WordPress really shines when you begin […]

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