Why Your Website Should Always Include Video Content

It doesn’t take a content marketing specialist to see the value of video content in today’s digital landscape. It does, however, take one to fully understand its benefits and build a well-executed strategy based around it. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to a mere 10% through written … Read more →

4 Crucial Tips To Remember When Choosing A Video Production Company For Your Commercial

Video production is a process that involves the production of video content, according to en.wikipedia.org. Video production has become a huge part of paint information in the society today. It is through video production that some products have gotten a chance to enter into the market. Video production has also enabled companies to increase the … Read more →

How to Create Videos for Digital Marketing in USA?

Video marketing is hugely contributing to digital marketing services in the USA. Around 69% of consumer traffic on websites is attracted via videos. With each passing year, landing pages with videos and mobile phone videos are attracting more potential leads. Therefore, digital marketers are paying attention to incorporate videos in marketing strategies now, more than … Read more →

Combining Videos Using Movavi Video Editor

Normally when creating videos you aren’t going to record the entire video in a single take. Instead it is far easier to record a series of shorter clips and then combine them together, while maybe even trimming out parts that aren’t needed. In order to accomplish that you first need to be able to combine … Read more →

Understanding the Functionality of DVR and IP Surveillance Camera Systems

If your goal is to find a cost effective and reliable surveillance camera system, DVR is probably among the options that you have come across. Unlike traditional or analogue surveillance cameras, these types of systems work by digitally recording and storing video footage. This essentially means that DVR systems enable lower levels of maintenance along … Read more →

Vlogging or Blogging?

Blogging used to be the big thing on the internet and rightly so. Everyone has something interesting to say about life. But today the focus has moved toward vlogging. Just in case you don’t know, vlogging means blogging but on video. Instead of reading someone’s thoughts, you get to watch them speak in video form. … Read more →

How to Boost Your Brand Using Video Walls

In the era of smartphones, video walls are the best way to engage a large group of people at one time to promote a brand or promote a message. The concept behind video walls is basic but very useful. The brand you are trying to promote will catch the attention of all the people who … Read more →

Why Your Business Needs Video Content

The world is becoming more digital every day, so keeping up with the trends of technology has never been more important for businesses. Social media has become the main platform for communication, not just directly through messaging or commenting, but what we see online is what we discuss offline with our colleagues and friends. Whilst … Read more →

8 Minutes To A Marketing Video

A “Facebook marketing expert” accepted our outreach offer to create a video for her business at no cost, just to show her what our new video-making platform can do. I sent her back a 16-second video that pitched her Facebook marketing course. It included professional graphics, the typography was perfectly in sync with her brand … Read more →