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da Klaus su Agosto 5, 2009

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Un meta tag è una linea di codice HTML che contiene i metadati relativi alla pagina web che si trova su. Le informazioni meta tag non modifica l'aspetto della pagina e non potrà mai essere visto dalle persone che visitano la pagina web. L'unico modo che la vostra meta tag sarà visto è se il pubblico vuole notare la vostra lingua find.

A Meta Tag can contain either a description or a keyword. A Meta Tag that contains a meta description describe the contents of the website and provides information about what the website contains. Per esempio, a webpage that deals with drug rehab might have a Meta Tag that contains a description such asdetails about drug rehabilitation.” D'altra, a Meta Tag that contains a keyword identify the terms that are picked up by search engines to help users find the content you offer. Using the same webpage example regarding drug rehab, a keyword Meta Tag may berehab”, “drug rehab”, “alcohol”, “abuse”, “rehabilition”, “addiction help”, ecc. Search engines can identify these keywords and associate them with your webpage and display your page as a potential site when they perform a search with one of your keywords.

When writing HTML code, you will place all Meta Tags in the heading, or HEAD section of the HTML document.

The main goal of the meta tags are to allow the web crawlers to learn about the purpose of the page. When the search engine is instructed to find a specific page related to a keyword the making the likelihood of your webpage.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization dictates that you create keywords that are specific to your site and that the meta tags you create in your heading be found on the webpage as well. Così, using a inappropriate web likeflower box ordog treatwill not end up in appropriate result.

Some web crawlers ignore meta keywords tags and meta description tags such as larger search engines like Google and Yahoo. These web crawlers will search the content of your site instead of meta keywords.

Sfortunatamente, this is necessary because of the rampant abuse of unrelated Meta Tags by webmasters in an attempt to drive traffic to their sites. Keep this in mind when you are deciding what content to place on your site. If you want a webpage to be identified by the large search engines for a specific topic, make sure that you include the key term several times in your pages text. If you want your site to be listed as one of the top results for search engines, make sure that your site contains well written information that is related to the the theme of your webpage and is obviously written by a human knowledgeable on the subject.

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Jayce Dicembre 28, 2009 a 15:55

Hmm… I think Google does not look at meta data anymore.
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