How to remove Search Baron virus from Mac

While Mac computers are known for being relatively secure, there is always the chance that it can get infected with a virus. No matter how careful you are, scams and hacks are becoming increasingly more prevalent and you could soon find you have a virus on your device. If this is the case, it’s important … Read more →

Surfs Up! What’s the Best Browser for Mac?

When it comes to accessing the internet on a Mac, the default Safari browser just doesn’t live up to the abilities of other options.  If you’re interested in upgrading your web experience, you’ll have to make a switch. But the question remains: Which is the best browser for Mac? In this article, we will cover … Read more →

Safari Not Working Fix Common Safari Problems in Mac 

Safari is widely used browser on Apple devices that comes built-in from manufacturer. You can use Safari on your Apple device to browse Internet for all your needs safely. While it offers secure and user friendly experience to users, just like any other software Safari isn’t free of its own issues. There are various Safari … Read more →

Manage Mac Optimization Tasks with Single utility

Just because we manually make some alterations in our Mac system as a set of optimization activities, it does not mean the Mac machine is immune to slowdown and won’t be needing any deeper cleanup. We do only the alterations for which we have been assigned privileges; therefore, Mac OS X requires such cleanups frequently. … Read more →

Should I overclock or optimize my Mac?

Sluggish behaviour of Mac is one of the hot topic discussed by Mac users through different discussion channels. Mac users always want to speed up their Mac by any means so that, they could do their work fast. There are two ways to speed up their Mac either by overclocking and optimize Mac OS X. … Read more →

Symptoms of a Fragmented Mac Hard Drive

No one can deny the fact that Mac hard drives are less prone to fragmentation than Windows, but we cannot say that Mac’s never get fragmented. Like any other hard drive Mac too gets fragmented over time, but its inbuilt safeguards defragment it time to time and never let you fell that it too needs … Read more →

Precautions before defragmenting Mac

If you are noticing slow performance of your Mac, you need to take action for the health of your Mac and perform a defragmentation process.  A defragmentation is the process of organizing fragmented files on your hard drive in continuous memory locations. With the passage of time, files get fragmented and scatter in your Mac … Read more →

Top Mac Antivirus Applications and Why You Need Any of Them

Mac Defender: The First Major Mac Threat? In May 2011, the Apple company encouraged its users to use added internet security protection. Why? Because of a new threat named Mac Defender. Mac Defender is a program that functions like a real spyware removal client. It will present itself as a pop up telling you that … Read more →

How and Why to clone your Mac Hard Drive

A clone is a bootable backup of your Mac’s hard drive that provides redundancy for both your data and the Macintosh Operating System. You can keep backup in various form like Image, Clone etc..If you face system crash or data loss situation, clones provide a way to rollback your Mac OS X installation. Cloning Requirements: … Read more →

Learn How OS X Handles Slack Space and Internal File System Fragmentation

Fragmentation is a problem that develops subtly. The aftermath of severe file system fragmentation is inefficient use of disk space and consequently poor performance. There could be different types of fragmentation depending on the storage allocation scheme used by the OS. In general, fragmentation is classified into three types: internal, external, and data. Internal fragmentation … Read more →

How to Easily Uninstall Java 7 on a Mac

Java 7 has caused countless headaches for Mac users around the world. The security vulnerabilities in Java 7 mean that some machines have been compromised by hackers who were able to break through the walls of security. In addition to the security problems, some Mac users running Java 7 have been plagued by bugs. These … Read more →