Folx app – a download manager & torrent client for Mac

folx-download-manager-iconEvery person using Internet has downloaded files to their computer at least a couple of times. If it is really a couple of times, then most probably web browser possibilities are just fine for that. But when you need to download the files often and lots of them, then you’ll need an app that would allow gaining full control over the downloading process.

To allow you full control over the downloads, Eltima Software developed Folx app – a download manager for Mac and a torrent client in one!

Folx is offered in free version and in PRO version, which costs $19.95 and brings the downloading and managing possibilities to a higher level.

With Folx you are getting:

Smart organization of downloaded files on your computer. You can tag the downloaded file with the tags describing it and Folx will put the file in one folder and symlinks to it in other folders depending on how many tags you used for file. Whenever you need to find a file downloaded long time ago just recall how you would describe this file and enter the text in Spotlight.

Splitting the downloads in threads. Latest versions of web browsers offer a decent downloading speed, but who would mind even faster downloading? Folx can split the downloads in two threads in free version, while Folx PRO can split the downloads in up to ten threads. The more threads you split the download in, the faster the downloading speed.

iTunes integration. All downloaded videos and music can be immediately added directly to iTunes playlists. Folx PRO offers this option.

Schedule your downloads with Folx PRO. It is possible to choose the most suitable day and time for downloading.

Automatic downloading of files attached to RSS feeds if the files match your criteria. For example you can indicate the name of the torrent tracker and the name of the show to be sure that as soon as the new episode is up on the tracker, Folx PRO will download it.


In Folx PRO, you are also getting your hands on built-in torrent search through multiple trackers at a time. Folx PRO will browse through all popular trackers for you and find you the content you are interested in.

To fully experience Folx and all of its benefits try to download something with it. Free Folx can be downloaded from

And in case Folx PRO fits your bill you can purchase it from

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