Top 06 Internet Safety Principles for Everyone

Nearly 36.5% of internet users believe they have faced online bullying in their lives — and this information is limited to one-on-one bullying. Almost 1001 security breach incidents were reported in the U.S. in 2020, and the cybersecurity trends for 2021 predict that the numbers will increase substantially in the coming years. Some five years ago, … Read more →

Internet Requirements for Gaming

We cannot argue the fact that the performance of every gamer primarily depends on the internet connection and its speed. Imagine a gaming experience without any lags and buffering. Every other gamer would agree that no matter how experienced you are or how good your muscle memory is, a connection that keeps on lagging could … Read more →

Reason To Chose Spectrum Internet As Your Service Provider

The world has digitalized and the internet has become a significant part of our lives. There are a few things one should be kept in mind while opting for an internet service provider. The internet helps you to stay in touch with your loved ones and family. Every business model, residential and Commercial Avenue are … Read more →

Why Does The Internet Go Down When It Rains?

Everyone likes consistency, whether it’s in a relationship or your internet connection. A consistent internet connection is dependable. Dependability means that it is easy to rely on. A reliable in-home network is a direct measure of progress and success. Here is an illustrative example: With the whole world turning to remote work in response to … Read more →

Netflix Smashes Audience Records with 203M Subscribers

Netflix, a well-known American Internet streaming media provider, has announced on Tuesday that it now has more than 203 million subscribers all over the world, after 8.5 million new customers have signed up between October and December 2020. In Netflix’s quarterly letter to shareholders, the entertainment/media company’s annual revenue reached £18.3 billion, a 24% increase … Read more →

How To Increase The Strength Of Your Wireless Connection?

Image Source- PC Mag If you want to test someone’s patience level, make them surf the internet with a slow connection. Slow internet connection makes us frustrated more than anything in the world and no, it’s not an exaggeration. Although an increasing number of users and limited bandwidth might be the culprit of slow internet … Read more →

How to Bypass Internet Service from Being Throttled

How to Bypass Internet Service from Being Throttled Your internet connection speeds can be slowed down for any given number of reasons. It may be due to hardware failure and maintenance activities by your ISP, network congestion, extreme weather and of course throttling by your internet service provider. If you notice your data speed decreases … Read more →

Teenagers and Internet Addiction

Believe it or not, there was once a time without Internet. In fact, for the larger part of our human history, we have thrived without the Internet. But, since about 2000, the Internet has been a crucial part of our existence. And today, with children and young adults growing up in this environment, the Internet … Read more →

How To Ensure You’re Being Safe Online

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay  If you spend a lot of time online and you’re unsure how to increase your security measures then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. With so many important things to consider when it comes to protecting yourself online, it’s vital you’re doing everything you can to … Read more →

5 Ways to Regain Internet Access

I can imagine you getting excited to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, House of Cards or any other show you like, and then, from out of nowhere a “No internet access,” “No internet connection” or “Limited access” message appears and ruins your mood. It can happen to the best, too. Unfortunately, this … Read more →

Ways To Get The Best Internet Reception For Your Home

Internet services disruption and frequent disconnection issues are a usual thing that you might come across when you’re using your internet. You also get to know the strength of your high speed internet connection when enjoying your favorite multiplayer game online on your network or downloading a large-sized file. This spoils all the fun, right? … Read more →