How to save money on cable TV and internet services?

Every neighborhood your pass by, you hear the mild sound of a TV running in there, around which, a few family members would be sitting, chatting or simply watching their routine show. TV is a necessity in a household for people of every age. You have a toddler in your house and even he will demand his time on TV. If you are a housewife or househusband, we see you nodding your head agreement for all your mornings are spent dancing along “Baby Shark” with your son or daughter. Good times. Just like that, when your teenager child comes home, he rushes into eating lunch so he can catch the episode of cartoons on his favorite cartoon channel, or maybe some show on National Geographic. Then comes the turn of your aged mother or father who likes sitting all day in the lounge, on their comfy chair, knitting sweaters, eating something light, flipping through channels until they find the old shows that remind them of the old times. You, on the other hand, wait until the sun goes down and everyone finishes up their dinner so you can finally catch a breath, sit in the lounge, cuddled up in the blanket with your family, so you can watch a movie altogether. This is how you and most of the people around you spend their days regularly. Television has become such a necessity that without it your house looks incomplete, and in some cases, absolutely empty for it is what fills the void that exists in between rooms or corners.

In the same manner, the internet became a necessity in the 20th century when all it started from was writing emails, chatting in chat boxes, making official reports or playing simple games. The Internet has now become a lot more than where it started. Now, your child’s education depends on it. You husband or wife’s business depends on it and your connection with your distant cousins, friends or relatives depend on it. There are so many things that the internet alone is capable of doing that if one starts using it once, he becomes harmlessly dependent on it.

Having said that, we know now how important both of these services are. Whether you have just moved to a different city or are planning to move, we are going to help you manage your monthly budget by elaborating on the points where we think you can do much better than how you have done previously. Here are a few things that you can reconsider before getting your house equipped with internet or cable TV services:

Not a Necessity

We had lightly touched on the idea on the internet being the multitasker at our homes but we haven’t yet clarified on how that is true. Internet does offer the facility of watching TV shows without you having to get the cable services. There are plenty of internet services that come in bundle offers or if not, their internet service gives access to their TV applications that you can watch whenever you want. There are places like Netflix, Hulu that people around the world are now using. You can start with these by taking their membership and fulfill your need of TV or you can wait until you are making enough to afford both the services. You can also consider using SlingTV or DirecTV Now. Their packages are actually quite cheap per month.

Get the Cheaper Option

You don’t necessarily have to get the famous service providers when you can go for the cheaper, less-talked-of ones to fulfill your television needs. You can do that by drawing a comparison between the services you have used before and the services your searched options have. Keep your realistic needs on your table when deciding on the package for yourself.

Negotiate, if you can

It does not require debating skills in order to confidently interact with the service providers so they can cut you the deal of your choice. You simply need to be upfront, honest and articulate while asking them for the cheaper deal. If the service providers are considerate and authentic, they will definitely help you with assorting a deal that would fit your needs quite accurately.

Bundle the Services

Let’s be honest. You do need both the services – internet and TV. You can watch Netflix all day but what about that person in your family who religiously watches news channels every night before falling to sleep? Television is, in fact, quite more than that. Like we said before, it is like a family member we love spending time with then how can we cut it out from our family? This is why we suggest you go for bundle deals. Not only do they offer packages on discounted pricing but you save a good amount of time, given you will have one provider to set up both the services. In case, you find issues in any of the services, or both, you can call them up and get both the services fixed without having to spend hours contacting multiple customer support departments. Get the offer that most suit your needs. Make sure you are going for your needs, more than your wants. We suggest you consider Charter cable packages and see for yourself whichever suits your needs best. You can always negotiate and cut yourself a deal that fits your budget.       

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  1. Nowadays so many service providers are charging money for Cable TV Network. So times internet charges are getting high. After reading your article, I feel this is one of
    the best way to save money on cable tv services.

    Thank’s for sharing this awesome trick…

  2. Another way to save money on your cable bill is to bundle your service. You could combine your cable and internet to save money. Thanks

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  4. Thanks a lot, you just saved us a ton of money on TV & internet services. Another important tip I would like to add here is use a subscription management service.


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