How to Reduce Your Cable TV Bills in this Pandemic?

Living expenses have been on the rise, especially during this period of COVID-19. Due to the economic crises, our incomes are decreasing every month and we can’t help but wonder how to slow down the outflow. Every expense head seems important and compromising on one would mean bringing down the living standards. We might not … Read more →

Groovy 4-in-1 cable for iOS and Android devices

There’s a new cable in town, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a 4-in-1 charging and data cable, with a normal USB connector at one end (to insert in your computer or USB wall charger), and 3 different cables in the other end, allowing connection to: Apple 8-pin “Lightning” (iPhone 5, new iPad’s) Apple 30-pin dock … Read more →

The Future of Ethernet

Ethernet cables are present in nearly every house, some are metres long, some are very short, and most go about their daily business almost completely unrecognised by anyone. Still, some in the industry are predicting that wireless technology might mean the end for this unassuming office hero, but is this true?The first place to go … Read more →