How to Reduce Your Cable TV Bills in this Pandemic?

Living expenses have been on the rise, especially during this period of COVID-19. Due to the economic crises, our incomes are decreasing every month and we can’t help but wonder how to slow down the outflow. Every expense head seems important and compromising on one would mean bringing down the living standards. We might not … Read more →

How ATSC 3.0 Standards Will Provide for Higher Resolution TV

ATSC 3.0, or NextGen TV as it’s known by the public, is the new standard for TV. It’s coming to the US in 2020 and will bring a more pleasing, sharp, and accurate viewing experience for all viewers.  What Does the ATSC 3.0 Stand For? ATSC 3.0 stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee. It is … Read more →

How to save more when purchasing Cable TV services

Introduction Choosing the right cable TV service provider is always a pain in the neck for many. Which service do I subscribe to? Which channel lineup should I go for? How much should I pay? So on and so forth. These are the questions we all struggle when finding the right TV service provider. In … Read more →

5 Reasons IPTV is better than any TV package

Yes, TV is great. But, do we really have to watch the same movie over and over again, every day – a movie that came out twenty years ago? As if there’s not enough of material to pick out of… These TV flaws are mistakes of the past, which will be quickly forgotten after you … Read more →

How to Pick the Best Antenna for Your TV

You already have a monthly subscription. Unfortunately, you’re still missing out on popular live sports, prime-time shows and your favourite local news. What if you can enjoy free TV by simply choosing the best antenna? Contrary to what others believe, modern TV antennas are not relics of ancient technology. With a quality digital TV antenna … Read more →

Social Killed the TV Star

What is social TV? Social TV is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing for engagement. Haven’t heard of it? Think of a communal, interactive TV experience that connects people without having to be in the same room. Everything from your favourite TV shows to viral videos can be watched on-the-go, with your friends … Read more →

Top Class Live TV Services To Check In 2018

With the gradual outdating of the conventional cable TV services, the live TV streaming services are picking up pace. There are already a lot of competitors in the market and it has become hard for a customer to choose one among them which provides them with a variety of channels at a lower charges. This … Read more →

The Top 10 Myths about Cable TV

Myth 1: Cable TV Subscriptions are on the Decline The headlines in the news or even the Internet for that matter, are constantly spreading this frequent myth that you will witness: a declining use of Cable TV! You’ll listen to these rants now and again by the promoters of streaming gadgets like mobiles, tablets, etc. … Read more →

What Do We Know About the Future of Television?

In the era when streaming services are gaining more and more popularity, a lot of people have almost written television off. However, this medium of entertainment somehow still clings on. In short, it proved wrong everyone who believed they would go down without a fight. Still, to get this fighting chance, the television had to … Read more →

Top 5 Online Games Based from Hit TV Shows

It is often said that we humans are social beings.  This is in fact true, but it can also be said that we are also fond of entertainment.  One of the best entertainment equipment ever made is perhaps the television, with shows covering a multitude of genre to cater to our preferences.  Some of the … Read more →

How Do 3D TVs Work?

The image displayed on a TV screen is two-dimensional (2D), so, regardless of the technology used to produce the image, three-dimensional (3D) TV screens rely on the way in which human beings perceive depth to create an illusion of three dimensions. Essentially, if the left and right eyes are shown alternating images of the same … Read more →

2 Ways to Get Free Satellite Internet Connectivity

Who doesn’t like to have some free stuff in the present times when the economy is going through a crunch? And, free satellite Internet along with free satellite TV surely comes near the top of the free list. But, is it really possible to have satellite TV and satellite Internet connectivity without needing to pay … Read more →