Social Killed the TV Star

What is social TV?

Social TV is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing for engagement. Haven’t heard of it? Think of a communal, interactive TV experience that connects people without having to be in the same room.

Everything from your favourite TV shows to viral videos can be watched on-the-go, with your friends or other fans all over the world at the same time across social channels. It lets audience members connect with other fans to hear controversial opinions, debate plots twists and develop a sense of community.

Ever tweeted during a #popularrealityshow letting the world know how much you love it and read other related posts agreeing? This is the basis of how social TV started back in 2010. Fast forward to 2018 and social TV has on come leaps and bounds. With Facebook’s launch of ‘Facebook Watch’; a brand new platform for shows.

It is the natural integration of social media content, TV programming and advertising to link viewers.

How can it help me?

For brands, social TV gives a new level of awareness of consumer behaviour. You can now be aware of insights and thoughts on a topic to tailor your video content necessarily.

It allows content providers, application developers and advertisers to create innovative ways of linking products shown on TV to facilitate online purchasing opportunities as it uses real time data to show what’s trending. If you create a buzz on social TV, your audience is likely to react, putting you ahead of the game.

Social TV strategies are successfully increasing and sustaining user engagement. People enjoy watching and commenting on TV. 87% of consumers use more than one device at the same time, and with 74% of this figure using a combination of TV/Smartphones during viewing, it is a natural reaction.

Who does it well?

Heineken’s campaign ‘Open Your World’ showed how well this can work if you implement your video well. They used a real life social experiment to bring people together from opposite ends of the spectrum to take part in team-building activities and discuss their differences with a Heineken in hand.

Heineken used Facebook as its primary platform and the world loved it. Achieving 3 million views, over 50,000 shares and a trending hashtag #OpenYourWorld, Heineken’s main 4 minute video was supported with a series of short videos to go across social. Through relevant and interesting content, they successfully created a buzz online.

How we can help…

If you want a piece of the action, WhiteNoise can help. Our data first approach lets you base creative on data and algorithms from the biggest platforms in the world. Meaning videos are relatable and relevant to your consumers.

Euan Stubbs, Digital Director at WhiteNoise Media says, ‘We can look after your content from beginning to end’ from creating interesting content ideas to implementing cost effective live event streaming, multi camera broadcast and Facebook Live, we take care of it all.’

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