How to save more when purchasing Cable TV services


Choosing the right cable TV service provider is always a pain in the neck for many. Which service do I subscribe to? Which channel lineup should I go for? How much should I pay? So on and so forth. These are the questions we all struggle when finding the right TV service provider.

In the end you might just want to go for the all-in-one package only to save time and money. But, is it really worth it in the long run? That is a question which will inevitably taunt you even if you take the short cut and narrow down to bundled services.

Today, we will discuss a few things one should consider while deciding upon the perfect cable TV service provider which may be able to satisfy most, if not all our needs. So let us get down to the task right away.

Do your Research

It is always easy to go for your nearest option and connect to the most easily available service in your area. But is it the right thing to do? Well, you should always conduct a thorough research in order to make a well informed decision.

You can do various things to gather the right data. Besides running your queries online, you should not forget to ask your neighbors as to which service they are using and if they are happy with it; also, as to which service would they recommend if they were to opt for another available one?

These things may seem inconsequential however they do really matter. It is only after proper research, that you would be able to make the right decision. Just going for the cheapest or the nearest or the fastest (in case of internet of course) option available is not always the right thing to do. Individual real time reviews from the residents of your own neighborhood are undoubtedly the most effective tool when it comes to judging real life performance of a service provider – a source of information that provides realistic data unlike the advertised version.

Do some budgeting

We know it always feels appealing to have all the channels available included in your TV plan when subscribing to a service, but there is no harm in doing a little budgeting first. You must make a note of which channels you really watch and which ones tend to just come along for a ride.

Mostly it so happens that people watch only a few select channels day after day and rarely visit others in the lineup. So, why pay even a buck extra for channels that only put up the count in the lineup but are rarely or never watched? 

To avoid getting caught up in this dilemma, make a list of the channels you simply cannot live without and also the ones you watch occasionally. You will find out only a handful come up that you just cannot do without, while the other channels are only for satisfaction: yours and the provider’s – that the lineup is so many channels long.


Getting a bundle deal always helps you save money and in fact get more for less. Every household usually needs a phone, an internet connection and a TV service. So why pay for those separately when you can get them in an all-in-one package.

There are quite a few service providers like Spectrum, AT&T, Mediacom and many more that offer bundled services. You can either get a Double or Triple Play depending on the number of services you need.

The bottom line is if you get a package deal you will be able to save a significant amount of money whereas if you get multiple services separately, it is bound to make a hole in your pocket.

No shame in negotiating

We all feel a little insecure and hesitant inside when we think of bargaining. Well, let us tell you there is no harm in bargaining once in a while. Talk to your service provider. Ask what services they are willing to offer that you cannot get elsewhere; let their customer service representative 

tell you the value you receive by subscribing to their services. Ask around and check with other providers as well. Chances are you may just strike a cost-effective deal with them. Just think, you may be able to save enough through the year to simply act upon the idea of a vacation in your most wanted place.  

Customer Care

Every service is rendered pointless when you receive really poor customer care. You must always check what kind of customer service a provider is known to deliver. There is no shortage of ones who over promise and under deliver – so do not trust the “round the clock 24/7 support” slogan chanted by so many of them, ask around to find out which one is there for the customers in the hour of their need and how they would rate the overall experience with a given provider’s customer care. It is also possible to extract information from the employees, if you get the chance, about the actual performance of the company. Information that comes from the inside sources always reveals a little more.

After judging various opinions choose the provider that offers 24-hour non-stop customer care. Not to forget, the primary consideration remains high reliability of service provision. If all the boxes in your concern list are checked then you are probably good to go.


We have discussed quite a few stipulations that must be taken into account while subscribing to a new TV service provider. There are probably many more aspects of the matter you might have to concern yourself with. But what we have mentioned above is definitely enough to give you clues and set you on the right path towards a well-discerned decision. 

Do remain mindful of the fact there are a lot of pros and cons to everything in life, and we always have to let go of some things for some other things. Anyways, we believe this information is enough to help you make an informed decision.

So, do not wait up! Do your homework and then pick up your phone to call service providers in the area as well as people who you think can help you make the right decision.

One thing is for sure, if you stick to this strategy, you are bound to end up with an option that may simply be the best for you. 

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