8 Simple Tactics to Help You Save Money in Various Areas of Life

How to Save Money in Various Areas of Your Life

Financial security and stability are vital parameters to leading a peaceful and secure life. By being mindful of their spending habits and saving money systematically, individuals can prepare for unexpected expenses and emergencies without hassles. With financial security comes a sense of confidence and peace of mind, eliminating doubts and trepidations.  Furthermore, a financially stable … Read more →

Is Your Investment Portfolio Too Diverse?

One of the first lessons that newbie investors pick up from their mentors is to diversify their investment portfolio. A portfolio is said to be diversified if it has a collection of stocks and investments that are spread across industries that are not related to each other. This is done to reduce the inherent risks … Read more →

Money Matters: The Unique Blueprint to Wealth Creation

Did you learn how to discover your life’s purpose in high school, college, or university? How can you become financially independent, establish a company, manage your money, or manage your money? It’s odd that we ignore the very basic things that we need to be successful in life. Most individuals are not as economically secure … Read more →

Spanish YouTuber Earned €1M in Just a Week

A YouTuber in Spain earned €1 million in just a single week showing people how to get more hits on their websites, by making it appear in Google’s top search results. Romuald Fons, a 43-year-old Spanish YouTuber and entrepreneur, recently made headlines as he made a whopping €1 million in just seven days by selling … Read more →

6 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers to Make More Money This Year

It’s fulfilling being a photographer, yet it can also be disheartening when there are slow client times, and paying bills becomes tough. To guarantee revenue, here are six passive income ideas for photographers to make more money this year, while letting you do what you love the most — taking photos. 6 Passive Income Ideas … Read more →

Top 5 Reasons Kenyans Why Use Mobile Money

Mobile Money and M-PESA have gained a lot of popularity in Kenya because of the major benefits that come with it. The MPESA tariffs are very economical for Kenyans because Kenya is an economically struggling country and mobile money has provided a way to easily use digital money for their daily needs and enjoy a … Read more →

Managing your risk when trading forex

The ideal world for a trader is when they sail through the markets, making winning trades regularly without even the consideration of a loss or downturn. The truth, as you might expect, is a lot different. Even the very best of traders will experience losing trades, however, the defining factor that makes them long-term profitable … Read more →

4 Actions to Take When Online Income is on the Decline

When you run a blog or another online business, you may have noticed that online income is on the decline due to general uncertainty. Any decline is not unusual in itself, but it’s expected that it’ll take a few months to see improvements if things stay the way they are. However, that’s really the point … Read more →

Crowdlending Market Size and Forecast

The crowdlending market in Europe has grown from $1.2 billion transactions value in 2013 to a whopping $15 billion in 2018, which translates to an annual growth rate of over 70% on average. However, the market growth is expected to slow down in the coming five years, growing from $15 billion transactions value in 2018 … Read more →

How to save more when purchasing Cable TV services

Introduction Choosing the right cable TV service provider is always a pain in the neck for many. Which service do I subscribe to? Which channel lineup should I go for? How much should I pay? So on and so forth. These are the questions we all struggle when finding the right TV service provider. In … Read more →

How to Earn Money Through Online Courses

Did you know that your online training software can help you make plenty of cash without much effort? By creating and selling courses centered on your area of expertise, you can earn big money online. In this blog, you’ll discover some practical ways to earn money via selling online courses. You’ll also learn how to leverage … Read more →