A Darker Dark Mode is Coming to Google

Google LLC is a global technology company based in the United States of America specializing in Internet-related services and products, including a search engine, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware. The headquarters of Google LLC is located in Mountain View, California. Alphabet Inc., along with Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, is the parent … Read more →

Google’s ban on third-party cookies delayed till 2023

Earlier this year, Apple introduced a contentious feature that required developers to obtain permission from consumers before following them and to disclose what data was being collected. Facebook is the source of most of the criticism, whilst Google has maintained a more neutral approach. However, it appears that the Search Engine King has made up … Read more →

Everything About Google Flutter 2 for Mobile App Development

Flutter is one of the leading cross-platform mobile app development technologies that has garnered huge traction in recent years and achieved traction from as many as 2 million users worldwide. Flutter emerged as the single answer to all kinds of app projects supporting almost all mobile platforms, desktop platforms, and the web. Launched in 2017 … Read more →

Google following in Apple’s Footsteps, adds ‘safety section’ in Google Play

Apple has introduced the App Tracking Transparency feature for months and has finally rolled out the feature with the iOS 14.5 update. Previously, unlike Facebook, Google had not commented on the feature or shown any signs of support with Apple. The search engine giant was neutral on the situation until recently. Google recently announced that … Read more →

Spanish YouTuber Earned €1M in Just a Week

A YouTuber in Spain earned €1 million in just a single week showing people how to get more hits on their websites, by making it appear in Google’s top search results. Romuald Fons, a 43-year-old Spanish YouTuber and entrepreneur, recently made headlines as he made a whopping €1 million in just seven days by selling … Read more →

How to Choose the Best Possible Google Ads Agency

Whilst some businesses may be concerned that a Google ads agency (also referred to as a PPC [pay-per-click] agency) won’t understand the complexities and nuances of their brand as well as an in-house team and this puts them off hiring outside help. In truth, any decent PPC agency will make it a top priority to … Read more →

Google Now Has 6 Ways to Measure Core Web Vitals

More than ever, Google is interested in helping SEOs and site owners improve their website performance.  Just recently, the company announced the Core Web Vitals that will serve as a ranking signal for websites. But these could only be measured by utilizing the Chrome UX report – perhaps a limitation.  Well, nothing is intimidating about … Read more →

All You Want To Know About January 2020 Google Core Update

It is during the daylight hours of January 13, 2020; Google announced a core update that shook up the orderliness of Google data. Its impact was huge, as many users reported major changes in the page order. If you wonder, whether Google makes such changes very often. The answer is, “yes”. Google makes over 3,200 … Read more →