Do you experience poor traffic from Google search recently?

February 7, 2012

Bloggers out there who had been making good money from advertisement, especially Google Adsense, might need to take another look at the recent changes from Google. One of the changes was the page layout algorithm. Most Adsense publishers love to place a big 336×280 or 300×250 ad units “Above the Fold” simply because those ad […]

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Google To Launch Their Own Version of Popular Groupon

January 30, 2011

You probably know about Groupon by now. It’s a site that gives users special deals on area restaurants and attractions. They send you the offer, and if you’re interested, you say okay. When enough people say yes, the deal goes into effect. These deals offer incredible savings on all kinds of things. What you might […]

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Google Image Search – First Major Design Update Since 2001

July 26, 2010

Since Google Image search was launched in 2001, only minor updates has found its way to that part of Google’s search engine. Now, Google decided to “Bing up” their Image Search and make it more like Bing’s image search. The change is not available in all countries yet but should be over the next few […]

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Google Pacman Ate 4.8 Million Work Hours ($120 Million)

May 25, 2010

Last Friday (May 21st) was Pacman’s 30 year birthday and to celebrate, Google integrated a fully playable Pacman game into their logo on RescueTime, who did some calculations based on the activity of 11,000 users, estimates that the time spent on Google’s frontpage last Friday went from 11 seconds on average to 45 seconds. […]

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Chinese Hackers Obtained Google’s Password System

April 21, 2010

According to New York Times, the Chinese Hackers you might have read about, is said to have obtained access to one of the more important parts of Google – their password system which controls access for million of users, to all Google’s services, including Gmail and Google Apps. The system is called “Gaia” and has […]

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Google Keeps Growing – First Fiscal Quarter 2010

April 18, 2010

“Recession? What recession?” – I bet that’s what the shareholders at Google are saying right now. Google increased their revenue with 23% in the 1st quarter of this fiscal year, compared to last year. The total revenue was 6.77 billion dollars in the first quarter, with a profit of 1.96 billion dollars, an increase of […]

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Google & Matt Cutts: Site Speed Now A Factor in SEO

April 12, 2010

In a blog post yesterday, Matt Cutts explains how Google is now incorporating site speed as one of the over 200 signals that they use to determine search rankings. Don’t panic! As Matt Cutts also explains, Google actually launched this already a few weeks back and nobody noticed anything. Fewer than 1% of search queries […]

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Google China Redirect Now Also Censured

March 23, 2010

Yesterday I wrote how Google decided to redirect from censured Chinese to the Hong Kong version, It didn’t take many hours for the Chinese government before censored results were once again censored, but from How exactly they’re doing it, I don’t know, but New York Times reports that it’s only results that […]

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Google Did It – No More Censorship in Chinese Google

March 22, 2010

I’ve been writing about this several times already and last week Google was 99.9% certain to shut down in China – now it seems they finally made the decision to go ahead and stop the censorship of search results on Chinese For now, is being redirected to the Google based in Hong Kong, […]

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Google 99.9% Certain To Shut Down In China

March 16, 2010

Recently I wrote that Google apparently didn’t mean business when they threatened to pull out of China and close down their activities in the country. It seems I was wrong, well, 99.9% wrong, according to Financial Times. Due to a hardening in positions from both the Google side and the Chinese government, it now seems […]

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Google In Talks With China After Hacking Attempts

March 11, 2010

Google recently threatened to close down its activities in China, including their office, and pull out of the country, after they learned about the hacking that came from China. Apparently, it now seems that Google only mean business when they decide to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 on YouTube and not when it comes to […]

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Google To Be Investigated By The European Union

February 24, 2010

The European Commission has received three complaints over Google and now intend to start an investigation. The three complaints are from Foundem, a UK-based “price compare”-portal, French legaladvice search engine and german Ciao, a company below Microsoft. Foundem believes that Google’s search algorithms place Foundem’s pages worse in Google, because Foundem is a competing […]

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Chinese Military School Behind Google Hacking

February 22, 2010

About a month ago, Google was about to pull out of China because they no longer wanted to continue censoring results on as instructed by the Chinese Government. Long story short, Google got mad because somebody within China hacked some Gmail accounts and other major IT companies within the US. Now, New York Times […]

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Google May Earn $500,000,000 On Typosquatting – Yearly!

February 18, 2010

A new report done by two Harvard scientists reveals that Google may earn up to 500 million dollars a year because of typosquatting. Typosquatting is what they call it when somebody on purpose registers a domain that looks a lot like something else, like (notice the misspelling). So if you go to because […]

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Google Giving Up on Censorship-China?

January 13, 2010

Google will no longer be cooperating with the Chinese censorship authorities, they said in a recent press release: We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate […]

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66% Of Google Users Would Use Bing – Survey Paid For By Microsoft

December 7, 2009

A survey, paid for by Microsoft, shows that if you’re a Google user and tries out Bing, there’s a 66% chance you will stick with Bing for your future Internet searching needs. How was the study conducted? Well, 15 Google users were told not to use any other search engine than Bing, for a whole […]

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New And Cleaner Google With ‘Fade In’ Awesomness

December 3, 2009

Google announced on their blog how they just launched a cleaner look of, showing only the search field, two buttons and the option to change language. Once you move your mouse, the options you’re used to see, will once again appear. If you’re using iGoogle, this change will not affect you. The result is […]

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Google To Rank Sites Based On Speed? Matt Cutts Explains

November 17, 2009

Over the past week I’ve answered a few questions in the comments here at TechPatio, asking if the speed of a website has anything to do with how it will rank in Google. My responses were, basically, “no, I don’t believe that is the case”. With the recent comments from Matt Cutts, “the face of […]

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Switzerland Says “No Thanks, We’ll Sue You” To Google Street View

November 16, 2009

Google started shooting pictures of the streets in Switzerland this summer for their Google Street View service. The local authorities didn’t like that one bit (no pun intended) and the Swiss commissioner for federal data protection, Hanspeter Thür, told Google to stop whatever they were doing! Google didn’t obey the request and continued their drive-by-shooting. […]

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TechPatio Received First PageRank – Now PR2

October 30, 2009

PR2, it ain’t much, but it sure is better than what I had before: PR0. TechPatio is almost 4 months old so I kinda expected at least PR2 for the next PageRank update, which apparently happened within the last few days. Now I probably have another 2-4 months until the next PageRank update, to build […]

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Google Similar Image Search Fresh Out of Google Labs

October 29, 2009

A new feature from Google Labs was just released and is now available to the public, it’s called Similar Images. At first it works just like regular Google image search, but when you click “similar images” on an image, you will see..… *drum roll*… similar images! For instance, an initial image search for “apple” will […]

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Google & Bing In Twitter Search Battle

October 22, 2009

Microsoft announced having agreed a deal with Twitter on providing real-time searches in Bing from Twitter. A few hours later, Google announced pretty much the same deal. Using Bing or Google, users should be able to search in Twitter messages, even just a few moments after they have been “tweeted”. Microsoft already has a test […]

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Google’s Market Share Increases More Than Bing’s

October 19, 2009

The latest study from ComCast into the US search engine market shows that Bing only saw a 0.1% increase from 9.3% to 9.4% from August to September, while Google increased by 0.3% to 69.9%. It’s mostly Yahoo taking the biggest hit on the risings from Bing and Google as they saw a decrease of 0.5% […]

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Google Removes The Pirate Bay From Search Results (Never Mind, They’re Back!)

October 2, 2009

Google does the China move and removes The Pirate Bay’s homepage and seven other pages related to the Bay’s BitTorrent tracker, because of a DMCA complaint, writes The Register. At this time Google has not responded to The Register’s query for more information about the removal. Peter Sunde, former spokesperson for The Pirate Bay, asks […]

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