Google Keeps Growing – First Fiscal Quarter 2010

“Recession? What recession?” – I bet that’s what the shareholders at Google are saying right now.

Google increased their revenue with 23% in the 1st quarter of this fiscal year, compared to last year. The total revenue was 6.77 billion dollars in the first quarter, with a profit of 1.96 billion dollars, an increase of 38%.

Both revenue and profit is at the same level as the 4th quarter of 2009, which is usually the best quarter for companies who makes money on Internet advertising.

The biggest part of Googles revenue, 4.44 billion dollars, came from their own websites, while 2.04 billion dollars came through Google AdSense – like this one:

Half of their total revenue came from outside the U.S. with United Kingdom being the big boy at 842 million dollars in revenue.

Google currently has 20,621 full-time employees worldwide, around 800 more than last quarter. They have around 26 billion dollars in cash (Apple has around 40 billion dollars).

3 thoughts on “Google Keeps Growing – First Fiscal Quarter 2010”

  1. OMG! That is huge! For sure they are not talking about a recession. They do something awfully right.

  2. This is bonkers… whey are charging stupid money for Adwords! I have given up on Adwords as it is hugely expensive and it is only a quick fix in raking. Better to spend money of other advertising or SEO!


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