Google In Talks With China After Hacking Attempts

Eric Schmidt, Google

Google recently threatened to close down its activities in China, including their office, and pull out of the country, after they learned about the hacking that came from China.

Apparently, it now seems that Google only mean business when they decide to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 on YouTube and not when it comes to pulling out of China and/or stop applying all the censorship filters set up by the Chinese government.

Eric Schmidt recently said to reporters in Abu Dhabi that they (Google) was talking with the Chinese government, but there’s no timeframe set yet as to what will happen – other than it will happen “soon”.

Vice Minister, Miao Wei (IT ministry in China), was recently quoted, saying that they were not talking with Google, but Eric Schmidt seems to think otherwise.

Whatever is going on, it appears that Google is staying in China (as the #2 most used search engine) and most likely will continue to censor the results. Like this:

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