Chinese Military School Behind Google Hacking

About a month ago, Google was about to pull out of China because they no longer wanted to continue censoring results on as instructed by the Chinese Government. Long story short, Google got mad because somebody within China hacked some Gmail accounts and other major IT companies within the US.

Now, New York Times reports that the attacks came from a Chinese school, attached to the Chinese military. New York Times also says, based on anonymous sources, that Google was not only hacked in December 2009 but that the hackers have had access since April 2009.

Also based on the anonymous sources, the hackers are based on the Shanghai Jiatong University and Lanxiang school, the latter being funded from the Chinese military because they educate IT scientists for the Chinese army. is still online and Google still filters results based on demands from the Chinese government. Just like they’ve done for a long time…

4 thoughts on “Chinese Military School Behind Google Hacking”

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  4. It is rather scary that the Chinese government seems to be (at the very least) condoning this hacker activity, if not actually actively supporting and funding it. It seems that they do have a formidable electronic warfare capacity, and this to a certain extent provides detente better than nuclear missiles ever can.

    A technological detente, one that becomes more powerful as our lives start to depend more and more on the internet. It really makes sense to take as many precautions as possible to make sure they can not hurt us!


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