Unblock Websites with a German VPN

Traveling comes with a variety of inconveniences. Being unable to access the German websites can be one of the worst. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution. Using a German VPN allows users to access German websites from outside the country. The same VPN can allow travelers to access websites that are blocked by … Read more →

GoDaddy “Goes Google” And Disobeys China, Stops Selling .CN Domains

Google already pulled the plug when it comes to abide by the censorship rules set by the Chinese government. Initially Google just redirected traffic from censured Google.cn to Google.com.hk in Hong Kong, uncensured. It didn’t take many hours before the Chinese censorship authorities put their own censuring in place though, and so, Google remains censured … Read more →

Google China Redirect Now Also Censured

Yesterday I wrote how Google decided to redirect from censured Chinese Google.cn to the Hong Kong version, Google.com.hk. It didn’t take many hours for the Chinese government before censored results were once again censored, but from Google.com.hk. How exactly they’re doing it, I don’t know, but New York Times reports that it’s only results that … Read more →