YouTube Parts With Internet Explorer 6

Google means business and soon end support for old browsers on YouTube, despite millions of users still surfing the ‘net with Internet Explorer 6 or other outdated browsers.

Back in 2009, Google announced how they intend to end support for old browsers because it slows down evolution (is that even the right word to use here?), always having to consider old browsers that doesn’t support modern technologies.

As of March 13th 2010, browsers older than Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 4.0 and Safari 3.0, will no longer be supported by YouTube.

It won’t come as a surprise though, YouTube spent the last two weeks displaying a warning to Internet Explorer 6 users, encouraging them to upgrade to a newer browser.

While this may sound like bad news to all you IE6 lovers out there, don’t worry – you can still watch YouTube videos with IE6 and other older browsers, at least as long as Flash is still around, I guess. It’s just new features and functions that might not work in the old browsers.

For your own safety – make sure you update to a more modern and secure browser.

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