Mozilla’s New Firefox Quantum: Everything You Need to Know

December 3, 2017

Mozilla recently released Firefox Quantum and it’s fast. Really fast. Also called Firefox 57, Firefox Quantum is the final form of Mozilla’s overhaul project of the Firefox browser. It includes Quantum CSS rendering engine to covert HTML and CSS to pixels onscreen, which means it will be faster than ever before. In fact, it has […]

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Magento vs. Demandware – What to Choose

July 6, 2013

There is always argument between Magento and Demandware. Nowadays open source e-commerce is becoming very professional. It is said that Demandware is very animated to write the impassioned plea. It is also feeling pressure nowadays from 2 fronts. One is the open source of e-commerce solutions of cost argument leverage, and another is cloud computing […]

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The best browser against Malware, is…

May 21, 2013

… Microsoft Internet Explorer! That’s what NSS Labs claims. In a test, they fired malware against five popular browsers to see which browser holds up the most. The five browsers in the test were: Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 25/26, Apple Safari 5, Mozilla Firefox 19 and Opera 12. In the test, Internet Explorer managed […]

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Cinema Mode for your browser

May 13, 2013

Internet is the most used tool for all computer users, but one of the problems with online videos sites such as YouTube is there is a lot of distraction right and under the video player. And that in addition you want to watch only the video on that page. Turn Off the Lights is a […]

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What to Expect from Mozilla Firefox for Smartphones

April 29, 2013

Many mobile users know that Operating System market leaders, Android and iOS, hold a very large lead over any competitors. However, Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs has revealed a plan to release a line of smartphones that will run on the Firefox Operating System. These smartphones are scheduled to be released in South American and European […]

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How to block annoying EU cookie alerts in 3 simple steps

April 22, 2013

As the topic of the online tracking and privacy becomes increasingly sensitive, some national governments try to regulate this. However, as it often happens, the implementation of new laws leaves much to be desired. EU Cookie Law An EU cookie law is a good example of a poor implementation of a great idea. Since the […]

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New Firefox with improved security: Mozilla

November 15, 2011

The new version of Firefox, the Firefox 8.0 released on November 8, 2011, has been with released with much fanfare and some changes such as improved security and some minor updates. Firefox is a free and open source web browser from Mozilla that is fast easy and rewarding. The latest version, Firefox 8,0 comes with […]

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Which one is the best adblocker for Google Chrome?

June 13, 2011

All advertisements on every website can easily be disabled in Google Chrome with the help of adblock-extensions that are available for free in the Chrome Webstore. But which one of them is the most efficient in blocking ads on our favorite websites like Facebook and Youtube? The Google Chrome browser is becoming increasingly popular and […]

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Is Your Precious Mac Running Too Slow? Here are Simple Ways to Speed It Up

February 13, 2011

Even if you have done all of the possible things to make it faster, your beloved Mac might still be running a tad slow. As time goes by, your hard disk space is filling up rapidly and applications seem to be moving at a snail’s pace.  Do not worry too much about this, because you […]

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Firefox takes the browser lead in Europe

January 4, 2011

For the first time, Firefox is now the most used browser in Europe. Firefox reached a market share of 38.11% in December, leaving behind Internet Explorer in 2nd place with 37.52%. Firefox doesn’t have themselves to thank though, as the reason for being number one is mostly because of Internet Explorer losing market shares due […]

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Internet Explorer Gains Market Share – Firefox Lose

August 2, 2010

New data from Net Applications, who’s in the business of analysis Internet-related stuff, shows that Internet Explorer for the second month in a row has been able to increase its market share, after having been on the decline for several months. In July, Microsoft Internet Explorer accounted for 60.74% of all browsers, up 0.44% compared […]

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YouTube Parts With Internet Explorer 6

February 24, 2010

Google means business and soon end support for old browsers on YouTube, despite millions of users still surfing the ‘net with Internet Explorer 6 or other outdated browsers. Back in 2009, Google announced how they intend to end support for old browsers because it slows down evolution (is that even the right word to use […]

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Internet Explorer 8 Now The Most Used Browser

February 2, 2010

Google recently announced how they plan to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 as well as other older browsers from Firefox and Safari when it comes to Google products like Gmail, Calendar etc., during 2010. Now, updated numbers from Net Applications show that IE 6, which was released 9 years ago, no longer is the most […]

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France Joins Germany In I.E. Warning – Opera Downloads Increases

January 20, 2010

BBC News reports that France has now joined Germany in their warning against web users browsing with Internet Explorer and also recommends users to find an alternative Internet browser until Microsoft has issued a patch to fix the security hole in the three Internet Explorer browsers. While a switch to an alternative browser, such as […]

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Internet Explorer 8 Extends Laptop Battery Life

November 21, 2009

Who would have thought, there’s actually something that Internet Explorer 8 does better than the other browsers 🙂 When it comes to battery life on your laptop, surfing with Internet Explorer 8 is likely to provide you with 8% more minutes for surfing than if using Firefox 3.5.2. Safari 4 in Windows is the worst […]

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Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Available After Two Week Delay

November 2, 2009

Firefox 3.6 beta was supposed to be released around mid-October, but it took until now to have the first beta available for the public. The new beta is based on the Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering engine, coming to you with several new features and enhancements: One-click change of browser appearance. Now warns user if a […]

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Mozilla Raindrop – An Alternative To Google Wave?

October 26, 2009

Google Wave has been getting a lot of buzz in the world of tech lately, as more and more people are getting invitations and access to join Google Wave and try out the preview version. Mozilla, the team behind applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird, now introduced their “alternative” to Google Wave. It’s called Raindrop. […]

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Firefox 3.6 Will Support Accelerometers – Beta Release Tomorrow?

October 14, 2009

Firefox 3.6 beta was supposed to be made available for download today or yesterday, but so far I haven’t been able to find a download link for it – I can only assume that it might come out tomorrow instead? Firefox 3.6 comes with bug fixes as well as some interesting improvements such as a […]

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Upgrade Your IE 6 to Internet Explorer 8 And Feed 16 People

September 1, 2009

Microsoft wants more people to use their latest browser, Internet Explorer 8, and so far several TV commercials for the browser has aired. Microsoft has since June elected to donate food for eight people for each time a person downloads Internet Explorer 8 via their Browser For The Better campaign. During September, they double that […]

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Vulnerability in Microsoft ActiveX Control Could Allow Remote Code Execution

July 8, 2009

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they are investigating a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control. If an attacker success in exploiting this vulnerability, he could gain the same rights as the local user. And now to the “sad” (and some what expected) part: When using Internet Explorer it could all happen without you knowing […]

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