Why Managed Desktop Services is the Solution Most Businesses Need

These days, most businesses rely on computers to help keep track of almost everything in their business. Be it on sales, inventory, timekeeping, payroll, accounting, communication, support, procurement, product delivery and many more. In fact, computers have become a necessity in most business environment as they have become a means of getting things done. The … Read more →

I’ve only been using laptops since 2006. Why? Because they’re powerful enough!

The last time I owned a desktop computer was in 2006, which was a computer I built from scratch myself since 2002 and then upgrading it as I went along and new hardware came out. In 2006 I bought my first Mac, a MacBook notebook (or laptop, some might say) and sold the desktop. Since … Read more →

Fujitsu: Laptops Not Necessarily Greener Than Desktops

Several elements can cause laptops to take a greater toll on the environment than desktop  computers. Especially since the laptop computers with small power consumption has convinced many that laptops are “greener”, compared to desktop computers. But looking at the total impact on the environment, it’s not so certain that a laptop is actually greener … Read more →