CEOs: Don’t Fear the Chromebook.

I enjoy building things. There’s no better way to learn, and if you’re willing to make mistakes, you can become a craftsman in a relatively short amount of time. That applies to homes — I’m currently “flipping” a house with my wife, which has supplied us with plenty of quality time and free exercise — … Read more →

Machines at Work: Why Chromebook May Be a Valuable Option for Your Business

In a market saturated with machines with countless uses and features, Google is beginning to get ahead of the competition. Google’s Chromebook, an alternative to the wide assortment of Microsoft Windows netbooks or pricey Apple products, presents itself as the cheapest, most efficient option for everyday computing. Due to their popularity in educational programs and … Read more →

5 Reasons Why Google is About to Kick Ass with the Chromebook

It is not really surprising that Google has released the first real cloud experience with the launch of the Chromebook. There are mixed reviews, reports, comments, discussions and opinions flying around. Whatever anyone has to say, it probably won’t even matter. The Chromebook will work, and it will get its piece of the market once … Read more →