How to Rise in the World of Cybersecurity

The trend of online cybersecurity courses is slowly picking up pace in this modern technology-driven world. If you are having trouble guiding your career in the right direction, below are some tips that can help you get on the right track. Passion and Evaluation  Many people tend to see the difference between something that is … Read more →

‘People Cards’ to be launched on Google Search

Google just recently announced that it’s testing a new feature on Google search called “People Cards.” It’s a small but notable change that could have a meaningful impact on how users find information about individuals online. If you have a profession or are interested in building your brand, this update will be helpful to you. … Read more →

Data-Driven Testing: What, why, when, and how

What is Data-Driven Testing? Data-driven testing, which is also known as table-driven or parameterized testing, is a testing methodology where the test scripts or test data are read from data files instead of hardcode values. Hardcode values are the ones that are manually entered while writing the test steps.  A data file contains input data … Read more →

How Does RFID Location Tracking Work?

In 1945, Leon Theremin invented a small listening device for the Soviet Union — He christened it “the Thing.” It was a tool that retransmitted incident radio waves with added audio info. This little device, a covert spy gadget in line with the 007 mentalities of the day, is today considered the predecessor of the … Read more →

What You Need To Know About Structural Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication refers to the procedure of bending, cutting and forming steel to create structures. In the case of structural steel fabrication, pieces of steel are joined to form various structures, which are typically of predetermined dimensions and shapes. It’s a difficult procedure that requires specialist know-how, skills and resources to finish efficiently. A … Read more →

Are You on a Budget? Get a Used Apple MacBook Pro computer

Looking for a laptop on a budget does not have to mean opting for an inferior device. A used Apple MacBook Pro can be an option for anyone seeking a durable and powerful computer without spending tons of money. Why Consider Used MacBook Pro Computers Apple Brand One of the main reasons to consider a … Read more →

A Quick Introduction to SAS for Data Science and Its Importance in 2022 

SAS is one of the most well-known data science and analytics software tools. They are primarily known for their specialized statistical analysis and business intelligence software used by corporations worldwide to analyze large data sets. The SAS company claimed that “SAS For Data Science” reflects its commitment to providing tools for data analysis, managing big … Read more →

5 Ways Virtual Team Building Activities Help Remote Teams

Team building activities are a great way to ensure your team has good chemistry. This is even more so for remote teams who spend most of their time working alone in home offices or businesses with access to free Wi-Fi such as cafés.  If you manage a remote team, consider the benefits of team-building exercises. … Read more →

5 Tech for Modern home

Technological advancements are not just for fancy gadgets and updated software. They are also helpful at home, changing people’s daily lives. One of the key improvements that technology has provided is a better quality of life through efficient and easy-to-use machines. An example that everyone has probably heard of is solar panels. They are expensive … Read more →

Configuring an Additional IP Address on a Linux Server

One of the features that are provided by different hosting providers when you opt for a Linux server is adding additional IP addresses. This procedure isn’t that hard if you have a good guide for it, so that is what we want to provide you with today. But first, let’s see why you might actually … Read more →

A Beginners’ Guide to Metaverse Game Development

Well, the gala moment we were continuously waiting for is here. It’s possible to see yourself as a bird; to roam a place we can’t even go to; to see and experience someone who lives far from your place; it’s all possible. Metaverse, the current Metaverse phenomenon, is making all of these fantasies a living … Read more →

How can you get a Job in IT security?

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand careers, and demand is increasing. Much of this is due to the tremendous digital revolution, making cybersecurity specialists a “hot commodity” on which the market can bet. With technology being the main focus, the need for cyber security policies and programs cannot be ignored. The organization should have … Read more →