6 Best Free PC Optimizers for You

What Is PC Optimizer PC optimizer is an assistant that will help you improve the computer performance. In other words, it will enable your computer to run and respond more quickly. If you want to execute a task, the computer will function immediately after optimization.  Generally speaking, PC optimizer can scan the hard drive for … Read more →

Basic information about Windows 8.1 product key

Windows 8.1 is the upgraded version of Windows 8. When you are using any pre-loaded computer or laptop having Windows 7, the simple act of updating can help run the latest version of Windows 8.1. But, when the computer is not able to run Windows 8, you require Windows 8.1 product key which is required … Read more →

Optimize SSD for the Best Performance in Windows

As we all know hard drive is an indispensable part for a computer. HDD and SSD are the most commonly used two. Nowadays, SSD is becoming more popular because of its outstanding performance and keeping falling price.  Why Do More and More People Choose Solid State Drive ① Firstly, a SSD has faster speed. Once … Read more →

Partition External Hard Drive for Free in Windows

As we all know newly bought external hard drives only have one partition with the whole size. If you don’t want to put all kinds of data in this partition, you need to repartition it into several partitions. Thus, this tutorial can help you partition external hard drive for free in Windows easily. Here is … Read more →

Tech: The Final Frontier

If you’re my age, meaning you’re floating somewhere in between the first and last millennials, you probably remember a childhood with much simpler technology. The early years comprised tinker toys, VCRs, cassette tapes, and your parents’ polaroid camera. Your mom showed you Windows Paint on Microsoft Windows 95, and your dad still held on to … Read more →

The Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 7

Over 8 years have gone after Windows 7 was introduced it’s as yet the most mainstream Windows out there. In any case, the sudden rise of the substantial scale ransomware disease demonstrated to us some unquestionable security escape clauses in Microsoft’s fan top choice. Fundamentally, a lot of clients set aside the way that the … Read more →

Best Ways to Make Your Windows PC Run Faster

Your Windows system requires regular cleaning and care to keep running well. Here, your system hard disk gets cluttered due to various reasons and makes your system run slow. To deal with various performance issues, you can use built-in utilities for instant and effective results. In addition to that, you can also look for third-party … Read more →