How to Fix Nvidia Geforce Overlay Not Working

Within the GeForce experience, Nvidia Overlay is a helpful feature that may be used for broadcasting, capturing screen photos, watching frame rate displays, and recording screens or videos. This is a good part of the software, but occasionally there are problems with specific Nvidia overlays that need to be fixed, which we will cover today. … Read more →

Choosing Between Windows and Linux VPS: A Comprehensive Guide

In the ever-evolving landscape of virtual private servers (VPS), the choice between Windows and Linux is a pivotal decision that significantly influences your hosting experience. Each operating system comes with its set of features, advantages, and considerations. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key factors to help you make an informed decision … Read more →

5 Best PDF Editing Software for Windows

Today in this digitized era, a PDF document is very common. We can edit a PDF document, annotate sections, add notes, pass-protect it, and change it completely per our requirements. We can do all these things by using PDF editor software. We have given a list of the best 5 Windows PDF editors handpicked with … Read more →

Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Unraveling the Ultimate Battle

In the ever-evolving world of video editing, choosing the right hardware and software platform is crucial for achieving high-quality results and maximizing your creative potential. The age-old debate between Mac and PC for video editing continues to be a topic of intense discussion among content creators and professionals alike.  In this blog, we will dive … Read more →

Why is Ethernet not working anymore?

If you are unable to connect to the internet via Ethernet connection, you must troubleshoot the problem. When you access the Network & Sharing Center, one will notice that the Ethernet network is not recognized by the PC. However, if you attempt to connect to the internet while connected via Wi-Fi using the same link, … Read more →

Best way to updated and fix driver issue on Windows

The device driver for Windows 10 is indeed a set of files containing instructions that enable the system to connect with dedicated hardware like a graphics card, network adapter, storage drive,) and accessories such as mouse, keyboards, printers, displays, and so on. Usually, drivers are installed automatically via the created driver library & Windows Update. … Read more →

Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing in a System How To Fix? 

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Realtek HD Audio Manager reaches with Realtek’s High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver on nearly every Windows computer. It sometimes accomplishes open/function suitably for some absurd and obscure reason. The worse part is that the Audio Manager goes missing, mainly behind a Windows update or any malware provoking the issues.  Along with the Realtek HD Audio Manager, … Read more →

6 Best Free PC Optimizers for You

What Is PC Optimizer PC optimizer is an assistant that will help you improve the computer performance. In other words, it will enable your computer to run and respond more quickly. If you want to execute a task, the computer will function immediately after optimization.  Generally speaking, PC optimizer can scan the hard drive for … Read more →