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The Most Awaited Electronic Gadgets Are On The Verge On Release Dates

April 22, 2014

Electronic gadgets are available in various specifications, to meet the growing demands of the customers. These products are mostly used to lessen up the manual labor and to create the finest possible service, related with the zone of modern latest technicalities. From video calling services to latest technical gadgets, there are different types of services, […]

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Xbox vs PS3 – which should you go for?

May 1, 2013

Xbox vs. PS3: Selecting the System That is Right for You! A recent article on Gamesector entitled “8 Upcoming PS3 games, that aren’t coming to XBOX 360” made me stop and think for a moment. There are many PS3 exclusives scheduled for 2013 release that it seems to be the console to have at the […]

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Facebook Coming To A PlayStation 3 Near You

November 14, 2009

Sony just confirmed that Facebook is coming for the PlayStation 3, after several pictures revealed the social network on a PS3 a few days ago. Facebook and Twitter is already scheduled to be released for Xbox 360 in a software update November 17th. There’s still no news about when Facebook for PlayStation 3 will be […]

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