Xbox vs PS3 – which should you go for?

by Guest Author on May 1, 2013

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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Xbox vs. PS3: Selecting the System That is Right for You!

A recent article on Gamesector entitled “8 Upcoming PS3 games, that aren’t coming to XBOX 360” made me stop and think for a moment. There are many PS3 exclusives scheduled for 2013 release that it seems to be the console to have at the moment.

If you are among the group of gamers who have switched to the PS3 then consider selling your Xbox 360 rather than leaving it to collect dust. It sparked my curiosity to know which system had the better forthcoming upgrades.

What are the key comparisons I need to make?

Comparing the two, both consoles have been on the market for five years with no foreseeable change. Xbox 360 is the less expensive package, including 4GB for storage and the popular wireless controller. The Elite version has a Jurassic 250GB storage capacity. For the motion-controlled gamers, the same storage quantities are available from Kinect sensor. The competition offers a 160GB storage capacity, but will cost more than the Xbox 4GB, and less than the Xbox 250GB options.

Comparing processors, the Xbox was released a year before the PS3 and some would say it is less powerful, but this is inconclusive. When playing each, a few of the games will have slightly better graphics or may take longer to load, but essentially their performance is equal.

Comparing exclusives scheduled for release this year revealed 13 titles each, including console exclusives, along with several upcoming XBLA exclusives that are not listed, such as Kinect Sports. In contrast, there are no PSN exclusives scheduled for release this year. Most of the 360’s exclusives are just Xbox LIVE Arcade games and for true gamers, that’s not really good enough.

Unique characteristics

When considering motion controls, the Xbox wins by a nose with the aid of Kinect’s unique characteristics and success. With Nintendo Wii, the user must wave a wand around, while the Kinect camera monitors the user’s movements without props and without the need for batteries. The user is the controller. This is without question a win for Xbox. On this topic, motion-controlled gaming did not sky rocket as corporate heads may have predicted.

Comparing the two in terms of online services was challenging. Both have a rich complement of base services, including abundant multimedia andthe ability to stream media. Both allow users to maintain friend lists with features allowing communication while you’re in the game world or outside of it.Hulu Plus and Netflix support both, but here PS3 has the upper hand because users can access most features without premium membership fees. Xbox LIVE demands a membership at the Gold level, and it costs more than PSN for online and streaming play.

Tallying wins under all the different sets of criteria revealed that the PS3 managed to outpace its competitor in online serves, free online multiplayer features and Blu-ray support. Otherwise, they are essentially equal in terms of power, experience and selection.

Guest article written by: Keith Higgins is an avid fan of games consoles from the N64 right up to the PS3. However, he knows that selling your obsolete Xbox 360 might allow you to embrace the something different.


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Vincent Armstead May 2, 2013 at 12:37

Both are good and difficult to choose among them. But PS3 is surely a better choice for me as it provides a real and great experience to play games.
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Raj kumar May 3, 2013 at 08:50

Great characteristic, both are awesome and great. Thanks for sharing the info.


charles Leahy May 3, 2013 at 16:46

Personally I prefer the Xbox because of its controls and it also looks more modern than the PlayStation.

Great post! Keep it up!
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aditya May 6, 2013 at 01:16

The New Xbox
It’s launched soon 🙂


Osei May 7, 2013 at 20:55

The both are really great systems it just comes down to the what features you want in a console or the types of games you want to play for e.g halo fans would get the xbox or god of war fans will get the ps3 🙂
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Evan May 8, 2013 at 09:52

The Xbox 360 beats the ps3 in every way I see it absolutely possible. The Xbox got all the awesome games and everyone seems to gravitate to the Xbox, if you’re planning to buy one if the two I would advise you to get the Xbox. It’s great for family with kinect games, great for friends or just one player gaming fun! Best choice
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