Business Gadgets To Use In 2013

gyration-air-mouseTo have an edge over competitors, businesses are adapting to tools, apps and gadgets that can increase productivity, reduce costs and allow completion of multiple tasks at a faster pace than before. Incorporating these technological advancements also leads to an increase in brand visibility and customer reach.

If you’re a business owner looking for gadgets that can be used within your organization and serve as multi-purpose tools, here’s a list to help you out.

1.  Gyration Air Mouse

Gyration Air Mouse gives you much needed air required during presentations. Rolling over the mouse on the table while briefing employees would be a hassle, as engagement and better delivery requires arm actions along with verbal speech. This mouse gives you that much needed freedom. It becomes a kind of a remote control that can be used in the air.

The natural movements of the wrists of the user are translated into functions. You can use this mouse to control media slides, slide between multiple screens, browse the internet, highlight important points of the presentation and do much more, all without keeping the mouse on the table.

2.  Advance card-reader

There are several advanced card-readers that use sophisticated technology such as Optical Character Recognition and digital signal processing algorithms to produce results that weren’t imaginable before. The latest scanners can accurately extract information from MIC (medical insurance cards), business cards, passports, licenses etc.

For example, a [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]modular ID scanner[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]modular ID scanner[/tp] that can be used to extract information of the image printed as well as the printed text is idScan. It can be used to export the extracted information to web and other business applications. Similarly, MedicScan reads information from medical insurance cards and can be used to transfer information to electronic forms.

3.  Samsung ML-3710ND printer

While most business owners now record transactions and keep documents on the computer and web, there are times when office papers and important information need to be printed, perhaps to give out to audit firms or as a backup to web based solutions. The Samsung ML-3710MD does all the printing chores; at an incredible pace, printing around 35 pages within a minute.

It also contains an eco-friendly mode, which when turned on allows you to use the toner and paper with efficiency. Apart from being a business printing powerhouse, it also helps you to reduce your carbon footprint by saving on CO2, energy and printing paper.

4.  Rocsafe MX External Drive

When you want to give out a smartcard key to employees or anyone else associated with the business for accessing data on an external drive, multiple copies of the key will be required. Rocksafe MX External Drive allows you to make as many copies as you want.

The drive works with both a PIN and a smartcard. The data transfer is at lightning speed, and the drive makes it impossible for a hacker to bypass the security, while most drives that are encrypted are usually vulnerable to hacks and security breaches.

5.  Energizer XP18000

If you’re a businessman who travels a lot, there may have been occasions where you ran out of battery juice. While most external chargers are used for charging USB devices, the Energizer XP18000 takes it to a whole new level, providing an additional 18,000 milliamp.

The business gadget can be used to charge a laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices. It can also be used as an adapter (AC), so the device connected as well as the battery itself can be charged simultaneously.

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  1. Oh yeah, I guess I have to sell one of my kidneys to get all I want… Photos for every item would be really great in the post!

  2. Advanced card reader seems weird. I’ve seen and used too many ordinary card readers which won’t reads and waiting of the advanced and I hope it works well.

  3. Wow! Good review of business gadgets. But I think it would be difficult to find and buy it in my country.


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