Top Gadgets and Gizmos for Your Car

USB car charger

Our cars are often our most prized possessions. They cost us thousands of pounds to buy, and with all of the annual fees on top, it’s no wonder why really. There’s also the fact that we couldn’t live without them in our everyday lives, making it a mystery how people ever survived in the pre-car era.

Whether it’s taking the kids to school in the morning, getting to work, to the supermarket or to the other end of the country, to watch your favourite football team, it’s hard to picture a life without the beloved motor. Such is our love for cars that most sunny weekends, you’ll probably find a neighbour outside washing it, to keep it in the best possible condition, or fitting some extras to improve the car’s performance.

Some are relatively inexpensive and can affect the overall experience in the car, helping to make journeys less stressful, while others actually improve the quality of the car. Whatever your choice of in-car tech might be, every true car lover should look into these five:


If you, like millions of others, can’t live without your beloved phone, then it can be disastrous if you run out of battery life while out on the road. If you break down, you might have no method of calling for help because the battery has gone. Keeping a charger in the car at all times takes away this risk, allowing you to call for help or check-in with loved ones when you reach your destination.

Satellite Navigation

The traditional road map is great, but it’s not exactly practical and it causes plenty of arguments when your navigator reads the wrong directions out! In recent years, the development of the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]satnav[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]satnav[/tp] has enabled drivers to reach new destinations with relative ease, helping them to find the quickest, shortest or most economical route, so they can arrive on time and stress free.

iPod Transmitter

Some of the radio stations available are pretty rubbish, let’s be honest. You may find yourself out in a rural area, with just the local radio stations to get you through the drive, and they can be somewhat interesting to say the least! Have your favourite music available at all times, by getting an iPod transmitter that allows you to play the music on your iPod through your car stereo, by creating a radio frequency that you can adjust according to signal strength. So no more Tractor FM – just tunes!

Video Camera

For many people going on a long drive, it might be the first time you’ve visited the area, meaning you may want to stop off and record some of the sights along the way. Cameras such as the world famous GoPro allow you to fix the camera to the dashboard, or even exterior of the vehicle. If you prefer, you can stop and film on the roadside, creating a video diary of your road trip – great for those travelling in the country.

Reversing Camera/Alarm

Parking is a major problem for some drivers and to help make it easier, you can buy sensors that attach to the bumper or side of the vehicle and alert you when you get too close something, helping you to park safely.  Other options available to drivers include reversing cameras, where a video image is played into the car through a screen or satnav. This shows the driver exactly what is happening immediately behind them, helping them to park as neatly as possible and avoiding other vehicles, curbs, pedestrians and obstacles in the road.

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  1. Hi Klaus
    All the above mentioned accessories are the real needed ones. One must have them to compliment their motor experience.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice article. I have just acquired a honda SUV and am definitely going to get some of these gadgets such as a backup camera (reversing or rear view camera).


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