Over-the-Air Charging – Is this the Future of Mobile Devices?

Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest maker of smartphones, recently unveiled its Mi Air Charge System – a charging system that is similar to wireless charging technology, but many times better. Traditional wireless charging entails the mobile device to be in contact or placed on a charging pad or mat.  In the case of the … Read more →

Future Charging Tech

One the most prevalent parts of smartphones that many people are focusing on these days is the battery capacity that most of them have. Nowadays, a smartphone should have a 3,000mAh battery capacity to be considered enough and the reason for that is because most smartphones use a lot of power. You have the very … Read more →

Most Useful Charging Electronics

Charging electronics are among the most used type of electronics that we use in our daily lives and this is because most of us own devices that require charging. Owning a smartphone or something wireless is not something that is left to the younger crowd, basically, everyone owns something that requires charging. As a result, … Read more →