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Charging electronics are among the most used type of electronics that we use in our daily lives and this is because most of us own devices that require charging. Owning a smartphone or something wireless is not something that is left to the younger crowd, basically, everyone owns something that requires charging. As a result, charging has become part of our daily lives.

With that said, in the modern day, there has been quite a lot of innovation with charging electronics because there have been a lot of companies that have popped up since charging is such an important part of everyone’s life. With charging being such a vital part, there are also quite a few different charges that are highly useful with the way that we use to charge our devices. In this article, I’ll be showing and explaining a few of the most useful charging electronics that are currently on the

Power Banks

Most of the time when it comes to charging our devices, we think of using a USB wall charger and it makes sense. USB wall chargers are the first type of device that we use to charge our devices and use other devices like Wireless charges since USB chargers are able to power Wireless chargers. However, the main flaw with USB wall charger is that the device that you’re charging must stay within the range of the USB charger and you’re basically stuck with it until your device is charged to a good point.

The solution to being chained to a USB wall charger is to use a power bank. Power banks are portable chargers that have power capacities. They allow you to go anywhere and charge your devices while you’re on-the-go. Power banks are an increasingly popular charging electronic because there are many different types of power banks.

Two of the main types of power banks are Mini ones and High Capacity ones.

Mini Power Banks


Mini power banks are the most used type of portable chargers and that’s because they have low power capacities which result in small sizes. So mini power banks are able to go with us anywhere because they’re so small that they’re able to fit into pockets or we can hold them in a single hand. Since smaller power banks have low power capacities, these type of portable chargers are really only able to charge most smartphones about 1 or 2 times before they’re fully depleted.

High Capacity Power Banks

The second main type is power banks that have high power capacities. These aren’t as popular as Mini ones because along with their increased power, they’re also large and heavy. However, with the increase in power, these power banks are able to charge smartphones and tablets numerous times over. They also have multiple charging ports which allow you to charge lots of devices at once.

Surge Protectors with Ports

Surge protectors are used to power lots of appliances since they have lots of AC outlets. One of the most used devices with Surge Protectors is USB chargers. Using a USB charger with a Surge Protector may be convenient but at times it can also be quite inconvenient because there are USB chargers that cover surrounding AC outlets and you also have to accept the fact that the AC Outlets that you’re using the USB charger could have been used for something else.

That is why there are Surge Protectors now available that actually have to charging ports that are installed directly on them. This means that you no longer have to use a USB charger on a Surge Protectors.

Some may think that USB ports on Surge Protectors is a gimmick, but that’s not even close to the truth because there are Surge Protectors that have charging ports that offer 5V/2.4A charging speed for each of their ports. Also, a 2.4A charging speed is fast enough to charge most devices like smartphones and tablets at their max charging speed. In addition to the charging speed of ports, the number of ports are plenty with some Surge Protectors having 4 or even 6 charging ports that also feature Quick Charge tech.

It’s now getting to the point where USB chargers are rather optional, as the tech is being installed within many other electronics.

Solar Chargers

Solar power is quite useful because it’s basically an unlimited amount of energy that’s available to us. The main problem is harnessing enough of it. In this case, it’s possible to use Solar power in a very efficient way because Solar chargers use very large Solar panels that are able to take in as many solar rays as possible. By doing so, the solar charger is able to intake a lot of power and convert that to charge devices. Another useful thing about Solar chargers is that they use lots of Solar panels and that means there’s more of a constant stream of charging power.

Solar chargers are mostly meant for the outdoors though for when you’re camping or hiking. With that said, they’re still quite versatile even though they’re quite large and that’s because Solar chargers have lots of lanyard holes that allow them to be attached to backpacks with the Solar Panels facing outwards. As a result, you’re able to charge your devices while you’re walking around.

Portable Power Supplies

Portable power supplies are somewhat related to power banks, they’re just on a whole other level and this is because portable power supplies are electronics that have absolutely humongous power capacities and powering capabilities. Just how large are their power capacities? Around 100,000mAh and that means you can charge smartphones about 20 times or more and larger devices like tablets or laptops will have no problem charging numerous times either. In addition to being able to charge devices, these power supplies also have other powering and charging features.

These other features include being able to charge Laptops by using DC Output ports, usage of a V12 Outlet and they also use AC Outlets. These kinds of portable chargers are VERY large though and they’re not as portable as a high capacity power bank and are mostly meant for times of emergency. With that said, if you not only want to charge your smartphone but power appliances when there’s no stable power source available then these massive portable power supplies are a great investment.

Guest article written by: Hey there, my name is Usman Haq. I’m a tech blogger and an Engineering student. My interest in tech allows me to share my knowledge of what I know and hopefully, I can be part of that innovation that the future brings.

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  1. Good concise information. I have yet to try solar chargers, have you tried them? By the way, there are also UPS or uninterrupted power supply units that charge electronics and even PCs

  2. I think charging electronics are truly very useful.

    What I usually do is to carry my portable phone charger. In case I run out of battery I always have some backing. I also think they´re affordable and it´s become sort of a necessity for me.

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