Over-the-Air Charging – Is this the Future of Mobile Devices?

Xiaomi, one of the world’s largest maker of smartphones, recently unveiled its Mi Air Charge System – a charging system that is similar to wireless charging technology, but many times better.

Traditional wireless charging entails the mobile device to be in contact or placed on a charging pad or mat.  In the case of the latest tech from Xiaomi, the charging comes in the form of radio waves that then charges your device within a radius of several meters – a truly wireless charging.

According to Xiaomi, their over-the-air charging technology can deliver 5W of power while allowing users to move about a room without their device being interrupted from charging.  What is best is that the system also enables the charging of multiple devices at the same time and that physical obstacles does not reduce the charging efficiency.

The Mi Air Charge technology is able to deliver the over-the-air charging through the 144 antennas built into the base station.  Essentially, these are the antennas that broadcasts the charging signal to over-the-air charging compatible devices.

This is not the first time truly wireless charging has been in the news as Apple was once rumored to have partnered with an over-the-air charging company, but never really developed.

With Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge, the tech of over-the-air charging is no longer just a concept but is now a reality.  Further development of the technology will not only lead to faster charging capability, but also broader range.

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