6 Ways To Reuse An Old Router

1. Creating A Wireless Repeater:

A wireless repeater (also called a wireless range extender) is a device that takes a signal from an existing wireless router or wireless access point and rebroadcasts it to create a second network. Through this, those users who are outside of the primary network range can connect through the new ‘repeated’ network.

Converting your old router into a wireless repeater does not create a WIFI miracle. Wireless repeater extends your primary wireless network range to get access to your system in an extended area.

2. Creating A Separate Network For IoT Devices:-

IoT stands for ‘INTERNET OF THINGS.’ This term is usually used for smart devices that use the internet as a tool of operation. These devices include smart home appliances, intelligent lock systems, virtual assistants, etc.

Connecting your IoT devices to the same network from which you connect to the internet can open your network’s security risks. Therefore, it is advised to secure your projects and IoT devices to a separate network.

This creates a new way of utilizing your old router for good. On the contrary, you can connect your IoT devices to your new router if it supports guest mode or client isolation. Being on the safer side, if your router does not support a guest network, it is always better to use an old router and its structure to deploy IoT devices.

3. Creating A Guest Wifi Network:-

This is similar to using your router as a repeater. But this time, your old router connects to an existing security and password protected network but provides a password-free or password-protected access to your guests.

This will require you to install your router in guest mode. This arrangement creates a secure network system, which prevents your guests from accessing other connected devices to your leading network—adding an extra layer of security by adjusting the firewall settings in your main router connected to the internet.

4. Building A Simple Network Switch:-

A network switch can be understood as an analog to the main power bar. It increases the number of available Ethernet ports by connecting itself to the main router.

In this era full of smart devices and appliances, finding ourselves short on ports is relatively frequent; this is when you can utilize your old router by connecting it to your leading network, increasing the number of Ethernet ports by at least four digits.

5. Using It As A Web Server:-

If you have enough technical skill of manipulating your router’s functionality by using custom firm wares like OpenWRT to create a NAS host or a smart home hub, why not host a primary webpage on it.

Yes, these are not going to be heavily functional websites, but basic personal or family websites to share information with the family or even a small community. You can even host a private blog if the custom router firmware allows the lamp stack’s execution.

6. Making A Vpn Router:

Configuring your router with VPN software is very doable if it supports custom firm wares. For example, if you are subscribed to a VPN account like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, it can be set up on your old router. This turns out to be very interesting as once you are set up; subsequently, every device you then connect to this network will be protected via VPN. 

The need for various client apps will disappear when on this network. You can look at this to learn about Xfinity router login details for secure connections. You can use your VPN protected router for personal or confidential browsing and a new router for basic or daily browsing.

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