Advantages of Direct Mailing Services to your Business

Direct mails are physical correspondence that you send to your potential customers and existing clients so that they’ll have more awareness of your business. You can read more about them on this page here. Some of the details you need to include for the customers to patronize your companies are your contact info and a call to action.

The style is usually minimal, and it can be in catalogs, sales letters, brochures, postcards, or newsletters. Many corporations are becoming aware that one of the most profitable and effective ways of reaching clients is through direct-mail advertising.

Why Does This Method Work?

There were many studies and analyses done on why direct mail works. There was one report where the authors investigated the median ROI of marketing media available. Surveys show that the direct mail campaigns have a higher return on investment than displaying ads online or paid searches. It’s just 1% behind social media.

Research shows that the response rate of many users is 5% compared to 0.6% of emails. Why is direct mail still useful when many think that this is on the verge of decline?

More Interactive

Customers physically hold the mail in their hands. Some of them actually read it so that they can decide whether to keep it or it’s not worth their time. Most direct mailing services really help your business grow. With catalogs and brochures sent out, more attention-grabbing marketing materials, you’ll have a chance to be unique in the eyes of your customers. 

Others do include a CTA that will require their potential customers to go to a store. An example is that they will offer a voucher, coupons, or promotional offers to make customers more likely to keep the mail.

More Memorable

Getting letters is an old-fashioned way that can even evoke feelings of nostalgia. This was the same feeling in the olden times when they were still receiving letters from friends and families. Add personal touches, dried flowers, handwritten signatures, and more. Small gestures will be much appreciated, and you’ll become more memorable.

Gives a Personal and Tangible Feeling

Many people are looking forward to receiving the messages on their hands. Research conducted by a marketing company has found out that over 59% of the respondents agreed that they prefer getting post mails from new products and services of companies around them.

The tangibility is real, and this is opposed to just getting random online and spam emails. The physical letters can be hung on fridges and act as reminders, put in the wallet, or on their office desks. Invaluable placements to private locations are something that you should aim for if you want a successful campaign.

Everything on the Brochures is Highly Targeted

When it comes to sending emails to specific customers. You need to know several data, including their names, addresses, age, preferences, and professions. These are something that you can get from a huge database of customer information. Personalization is relevant, and this is an excellent strategy to hook up your potential customers even if they are just reading the first lines. 

The personalization of each batch will give you an edge over your competitors. You can target the persona that you want more accurately, and they will, in turn, be interested in what you have to offer. 

You Can Get Creative

People love mails that they can open by pulling a strip of paper like they would on a ribbon on a gift box. Read more about why physical letters are still used today here: Many business owners can incorporate a lot of their creative side, and there are unlimited things that they can do. 

When it comes to online emails, many entrepreneurs can change the text and the photo. The size is also standardized so that the brochures will be easy on the eyes. However, it’s important to remember that there’s no tactile involvement, and the overall feeling may be too impersonal. Emails are also not good options because only a single line is shown, and there’s a chance that users may not even be too interested in the contents.

With the right company, you can take your direct mail to the next level. You’ll know the tips and tricks that they are using to keep your current clients and make your potential customers patronize you more. They will help you from start to finish, and you can reap plenty of results afterward.

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