10 Advertising Methods You’ve Probably Never Tried

October 22, 2019
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There are a lot of advertising methods out there for you to use, with some methods being better suited to certain brands than others. It doesn’t matter how much success your current advertising campaign is having, there’s no harm in trying something new. 10 Unique Advertising Methods Every Brand Can Try Installations – Whether you […]

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How Facebook Marketers Should Take Advantage of New Ad Relevance Score Update

July 5, 2019

Back in 2015 when Facebook launched its ad relevance score, it served as a tool thatoffered a peep into performance of the ad. With the score ranging between 1 and 10 (depending on the positive interactions vs “hide” and “report an ad”), the marketers, at least, were able to get a sense as to whether […]

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5 ways how tech has changed advertising as we know it

June 10, 2019

Technology has changed the way we live our lives from the scooters we ride to work, to the games we play at home. The world of advertising is no different. Now able to engage their customers in a variety of new ways, companies are scrambling to learn the benefits that forefront technology can bring to […]

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