10 Advertising Methods You’ve Probably Never Tried

There are a lot of advertising methods out there for you to use, with some methods being better suited to certain brands than others. It doesn’t matter how much success your current advertising campaign is having, there’s no harm in trying something new.

10 Unique Advertising Methods Every Brand Can Try

  1. Installations – Whether you place it outside or inside, there’s no denying that a good installation is memorable. It’s a fantastic way to show off your creative side, whilst giving potential customers an experience worth talking about.
  1. Stickers – If you are working to a tight budget, consider using stickers to advertise a product or service. Not only are stickers cost effective, but they are extremely versatile in regards to where you can place them. For example, you can hand them out to existing customers to increase brand awareness.
  1. Graffiti – We’re not talking about standard graffiti, but reverse graffiti. This involves using a stencil on a pavement or wall and washing away dirt, to reveal a brand message. It’s extremely cheap and easy to do, taking very little time at all.
  1. Contextual Marketing – Contextual marketing refers to the process of providing targeted ads based on user information, such as what they have previously searched for on the web. It’s highly personalised and ideal if you are looking to advert a certain product or service to a very specific audience.
  1. Counter Campaigns – A counter marketing campaign is one that’s used to decrease the demand for a product of service. For example, those in the health industry offering help with substance abuse often use counter campaigns to destroy the demand for harmful products such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  1. Product Placement – A lot of brands send out sample products as a way to boost interest, so being creative with product placement is key. Rather than simply sending out a product and hoping it’s noticed, think of a creative way to stand out. For example, you could include a personalised message or hide something within the product.
  1. Improve Your Existing Space – There’s no shortage of space out there, so utilise it. There’s nothing to stop you placing your products and services out there in the public eye, showing potential customers who you are and what you are offering. IKEA has done this a number of times, with one campaign centring around improving public transport with curtains and pillows. It’s subtle, but it’s memorable.
  1. Ambient Marketing – Ambient marketing is all about promoting a brand, using the notion that people are impacted by the subtle things around them. Messages on beer mats, public toilets and projects are all examples of ambient marketing. You could even place a message on a subtle banner. More tips here: Pull Up Banners 10 AMAZING Signs They’re Working
  1. Team Up With Another Brand – Regardless of who you are and what you do, there are always other brands for you to team up with. This could be a brand with similar products to you, or a brand offering something completely different. By teaming up, you are marketing yourself to the other brands customers.
  2. Shake Up Social Media – Social media should be a key part of any digital marketing campaign, but that’s not to say you need to stick to standard posting etiquette. Many brands have staged social media breakups, arguments and rivalry to drum up interest. There’s so much content on social media nowadays, shaking things up is the only way to stand out and be shared.

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  1. I have to admit I’ve not heard about most of the unique advertising methods you listed here, but I have bookmarked and will research them more. Most of us bloggers are used to the usual old and mostly tired advertising methods, but it’s nice to see the other options that are also available. Thanks for sharing these! I like the “Shake Up The Media” idea… but I’ll stick with trying to partner with more brands for now. Thanks for a well-written and insightful article!


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