Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Precision Cnc Machining

Precision CNC Machining is the process that allows you to get a finished product starting from a prototype designed through a software. However, it is probable you don’t know the fundamental points of this process. Here is a list of these points.

1. Precision CNC Machining is a process and not a machine

During web searches, we noticed that people mistaken precision CNC machining with precision CNC machines. But they are not the same thing. Precision CNC Machining is the working process, while precision CNC machines are the devices which do the work. 

2. Precision CNC Machining is made of a pair of devices

To be carried out, precision CNC machining must be made by a pair of devices: a computer, where a program has been loaded, a CNC machine which executes the instructions of the computer. 

3. Precision CNC Machining is not a hobby

Precision CNC Machining is used in the manufacturing industry, that is not a hobby. Even though the process is performed by precision devices, you don’t learn the detail about the process overnight. You need to be trained. 

4. Precision CNC Machining is performed with the skills of humans

Precision CNC Machining is always performed through the skills of humans. Indeed, the software you must load on the computer is called CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing). The process is aided by a computer, but you must be familiar with CAM software to send the proper instructions to the CNC machine. 

5. Precision CNC Machining needs an operator

Manufacturing aided by a computer always needs an operator. The latter must be able to load the software, set the parameters and know G-Code and/G programming language, but, above all, the operator must be able to use decent milling, drilling and cutting tools and handling them properly. He must also be skilled to replace them in order to perform the tasks programmed in the computer. 

6. Precision CNC Machining can be dangerous

The operational stages of Precision CNC Machining can be dangerous, because they include harmful cutting, drilling and milling works made through likewise dangerous cut tools. They are also run by electrical charges and are metal made and with sharp tips. Before starting the process, you must keep yourself at a secure distance and wear security garments to protect your hands, eyes and body from the danger of injuries caused by cutting tools or electric sparks.

7. The precision of CNC machining depends on you and not only on the tools

As you saw on the previous points, the process called Precision CNC Machining does not depend on computer, software and CNC machine only. It depends above all on your skills or on the ones of your CNC machine operator. Training and wide knowledge of the code programming and the cutting tools always allow to develop fine and awesome products, but, above all, perfect precision products. If the parameters of the software are wrong, the final products will never have the precision you want.

Guest article written by: Leo Ambrose Goodwine, CEO Seo and Webdesign

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  1. hi, great post! It was a very nicely written article. Really awesome information. I like to read it. I must say that I have learnt so many things.
    Keep posting! Thank You.

  2. Thanks for helping me understand that the CNC machine operator should know the software and the setup installed in it to fully use it properly. With that in mind, people who will be needing these machines or services should ensure to have people to operate them. They should check their credentials if they really know the machine so that they can maximize its use for their products or businesses.


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