How to Optimize Facebook Ads in 2023

Facebook and Messenger icons

It’s 2023 and Facebook ads still continue to dominate ROI-focused PPI marketing strategies. And in case you have any doubts, don’t let anyone further confuse you! Because despite the entry of new digital marketing platforms, Facebook still allows businesses to reach over 30 percent of the world’s population with its 2.96 billion user base. So … Read more →

How Technology Has Changed Politics

Technology is affecting every part of our lives and its influence continues to increase as it becomes more sophisticated. One of the areas that has been the most profoundly transformed by technology is politics. Campaigns are almost completely fought online these days, and since the days of Obama, all candidates have had to master online … Read more →

Apple’s iPhone Privacy Policy Update cost Social Media Giants nearly $10 Billion

Facebook, Snap, Twitter and YouTube have lost nearly $10 billion in revenue as a result of Apple changing the privacy policy settings on the iPhone, according to a Financial Times report. This recent privacy policy from Apple requiring apps to ask for permission before tracking user behavior was first introduced in April. The policy enabled … Read more →

Facebook brings Voice and Video Calls back to its Main App

Facebook is set to bring back voice and video call features to its main Facebook app after moving them to Messenger in 2014, according to a Bloomberg report by Kurt Wagner. Available in some countries including America, users are now able to make voice or video calls using the Facebook app. Facebook is currently testing … Read more →

Lessons Learned: Social Media Platforms and Blockchain Mass Adoption

The inception of blockchain as a solution to secure data is a welcome change. All the more now, as social media platforms have leveraged their pervasive presence to abuse people’s privacy constantly. It is a fact. A fact that has attracted massive public outcry in the last few years.  Just last year itself, Facebook came … Read more →

7 of the Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Social Promotions

Social Media has been on a rapid evolution since it has been introduced to the internet. Social media is an internet-based platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and information. One of the early appearances on social media was made by Facebook, followed by other social media platforms.  Facebook was born in the year 2004 by … Read more →

How To Start Making More Leads On Facebook For Moving Companies?

The Internet will undoubtedly play a central role in marketing moving companies. A website optimized for search engines should be a priority before diving into Facebook marketing.  Here, you should be able to inform yourself about the range of services you offer. It should also be possible to request a customized offer. Ideally, the website … Read more →

What Facebook Ad Courses Can Do for You

The vast majority of all well established and top-ranking marketing companies all have one thing in common. Can you guess what this is? I’ll give you a clue – social media advertising. It is Facebook advertising specifically.  Besides all the other social media platforms, Facebook, which has been around for a lot longer than most … Read more →

5 Steps to Getting More Facebook Page Likes

Did you know that up one-third of internet users log onto Facebook at least once per day? What do they do when they arrive on the social media platform? They like, share and post on Facebook, of course. If you have created a Facebook fan page, then you want to get as many Facebook page likes as … Read more →

How To Build And Engage Your Facebook Group

With over 2 billion active users monthly, Facebook is a great way to market your business or service whether through ads or Facebook pages. But while Facebook pages allow brands and personalities to gather followers and post updates, Facebook groups are more effective in building a community, a loyal follower base, and fostering meaningful discussions. … Read more →