Facebook brings Voice and Video Calls back to its Main App

August 24, 2021
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Facebook is set to bring back voice and video call features to its main Facebook app after moving them to Messenger in 2014, according to a Bloomberg report by Kurt Wagner. Available in some countries including America, users are now able to make voice or video calls using the Facebook app. Facebook is currently testing […]

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Facebook Looking to Make Big Money With IPO

May 15, 2012

For months now, we have been hearing about the clout that Facebook is going to be carrying once they finally release their Initial Public Offering (IPO). It now appears that those particular expectations were a little muted, especially when it comes to the actual value the company would carry once their IPO was sold off. […]

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How To Update Your Twitter & Facebook Status With Siri

January 6, 2012

Having a jog in the morning and want to respond to a text, travelling to a distance place and want to know the weather condition or trying to locate your favorite restaurant and you do not know the directions, Siri is there for your rescue. Even when you’re driving or you need a break from […]

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What Does the New Facebook Interface Mean for Google+?

October 5, 2011

As a Facebook user, you’ve probably noticed by now that Facebook has launched a new newsfeed interface as of last week. For many Facebook users, this came as a shock and even an unwelcome interruption. The new Facebook newsfeed interface shows top stories that you may find interesting and also has a side bar newsfeed […]

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Import your Facebook friends into Google+

July 14, 2011

Facebook must be scared since they shut down a Google Chrome plugin that would allow you to export your Facebook friends and import them into Google+. Luckily, there are other ways of doing it – and here’s one method: Use Yahoo contacts to export your Facebook friends, then export Yahoo contacts into a CSV file […]

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Facebook + Spotify (and how to use Spotify internationally)

May 26, 2011

Facebook and Spotify teams up to provide a new music service to Facebook users. The new service will probably be named “Facebook Music” or “Spotify on Facebook” and is said to be launched in as soon as just two weeks, according to Forbes. Apparently there’s no money shifting hands in this deal, Facebook doesn’t pay […]

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Are you Facebook addicted?

May 4, 2011

The immense popularity of the social network Facebook has generated a lot of additional business, including the celebrated book and movie, but also some other activities that are less widely publicized, like the study regarding the Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). While the study is still in the works and other psychologists go rampant on dangers […]

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10 Tips for Using Facebook in the Office

February 10, 2011

Are you addicted to Facebook? Can you make it a full nine hours without needing to find out someone’s status or play Mafia Wars? If not, you are not alone. Here are some ways to keep up with your Facebook page without getting caught. Rearrange your desk: People need change within their workplace. If you […]

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Facebook sets a new Photo upload record

January 5, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister) who leads Facebook’s consumer marketing team, wrote in a tweet that 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook during the New Years Eve weekend. The previous record was during Halloween 2010. In July 2010, Facebook said more than 100 million photos are uploaded to their site – each day! It’s unknown […]

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Facebook launches “e-mail” service: Facebook Messages

November 16, 2010

As rumored yesterday, Facebook would be announcing a new web based “e-mail” service soon – and now they have. They call it Facebook Messages. Actually, it’s not really like the e-mail we know and use every day. Here’s how Facebook put it on their blog: We are also providing an @facebook.com email address to every […]

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Facebook to launch webmail service? Would you trust them?

November 12, 2010

Facebook has been working secretly on a project known as Project Titan which the public first heard something about in February. According to TechCrunch, Facebook will announce the project on Monday. But TechCrunch knows more than that – they claim that according to reliable sources, Facebook is about to launch a webmail client, a “Gmail […]

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Facebook: Even bigger photos for even better viewing

October 5, 2010

Facebook last increased photo sizes from 604 pixels to 720 pixels back in March 2010. Despite being a 20% increase, 720 pixels photos are not just that big here in 2010. Apparently, Facebook agrees. Facebook is now increasing sizes even more, from the 720 pixels to 2048 pixels. Much better – good job, Facebook! They’re […]

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Facebook Makes Another Move Into the Search Engine Market

August 3, 2010

Facebok has begun testing a new feature, Questions, where you can ask questions to the 500 million users of Facebook. At first, Questions is only available to a small group of users but Facebook plans on releasing it to all their users at a later time. Questions is supposed to be a competitor to services […]

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Facebook: 500 Million Users (Almost)

July 19, 2010

Facebook has doubled its user database on just one year and is currently getting about 250,000 new users each day. Facebook is expected to reach the 500,000,000 users milestone this week. To celebrate reaching this milestone, Facebook will launch a new feature called Facebook Stories. With Facebook Stories you can tell your story on how […]

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Facebook: Top 13 Tips For a Safer & Enjoyable Experience

July 11, 2010

With over 500 million users and 176 billion ads shown on Facebook during Q1 2010, Facebook is now both a huge social media network and a booming economy for many companies. This means you have to be careful about how you use Facebook. While they depend on their users, they also depend on showing you […]

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Facebook Economy

July 5, 2010

Here are some fun facts about Facebook from Visual Economics on how the Facebook economy looks… – Facebook is estimated to be worth $7.9-11 billion. Users – Over 500 million users. – 200 million users use Facebook 55 minutes each day (average). Applications – Over 550,000 applications. – 70% of users use an application each […]

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Facebook Simplifies Privacy Settings [Video]

May 30, 2010

A good move by Facebook, I think. They have been through a lot with their privacy settings over recent years, both because they forced you to share your “Pages” with everyone, no way of hiding it to the public, and because the privacy settings were just too advanced and too many. Now, a few days […]

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Facebook Privacy Settings Exploit (Video)

May 7, 2010

On a big site like Facebook (read more posts about Facebook), there will always be some kind of exploit available, just waiting to be found – sometimes already found by somebody. Once such an exploithas been fixed by Facebook, it’s just a matter of time before another one appears. It happens for everybody and I […]

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3 Facebook Privacy Settings Everybody Should Know (+ Fun Videos)

March 23, 2010

A few months ago, Facebook popped up on most user’s screens, asking to modify privacy settings according to new settings offered by Facebook. Undoubtedly, many users just clicked through it and adapted the privacy settings suggested by Facebook, probably leaving your profile more open than it was before. No matter what, it’s a good idea […]

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Facebook Cause $2 Billion Daily Work Hour Loss in Denmark

March 19, 2010

An organization within Denmark published a study yesterday, made by Dwarf and Userneeds, showing that Facebook is the cause of $2 billion in loss of working hours. In a country with a population of 5,500,000 people, around 55,000 of them spend more than 30 minutes of their work day on Facebook, meaning a loss of […]

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Facebook: Bigger Photos For Better Viewing

March 11, 2010

Ever since I started using Facebook, I’ve wondered why our uploaded photos always showed in such a low resolution, without the possiblity of enlarging them. Now, Facebook has begun increasing upload size for photos from the previous 604 pixels maximum size, to 720 pixels, an increase of almost 20%. I think 720 pixels is still […]

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Facebook To Build Their Own Data Center In Oregon

January 25, 2010

Being one of the biggest websites in the world, with 350 million users, usually requires a thing or two when it comes to the servers hosting such a site. While I’m sure Facebook does not have 350 million active users, I’m sure they have many users to serve each day. In April 2009, when the […]

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Facebook For iPhone Updated To 3.1 With Push Notifications

January 8, 2010

One of the most popular applications for iPhone and iPod Touch, Facebook, has just been updated to version 3.1 and now includes the long awaited Push Notifications. Receiving the push notifications on your iPhone does not necessarily require that you have “Push” enabled, as this usually drains your battery rather quick. I have mine set […]

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Facebook: Top Status Trends 2009

December 23, 2009

Each year, Google announce the most popular searches throughout the year and now Facebook wants to get a piece of that pie. Facebook looks through words posted in status updates from users in the USA, to determine “words of the year”. 1st place: Various Facebook applications, where words such as “MafiaWars” and “FarmVille” are found […]

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