Best Frameworks to Build Your Next Web Applications

April 21, 2021
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Web application frameworks have become an integral part of modern web development. They provide software engineers with a great variety of features to build efficient apps powered by the latest web development technologies. A vast number of frameworks available on the market make it challenging to decide which one to use for the particular project. […]

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How to Build a Web App That Scales?

October 10, 2011

It’s difficult to predict how popular a web app will be these days when it’s introduced. Who could have imagined how popular Twitter would go on to become when it was introduced way back in 2006? So if you are building a web app and don’t know how much data your servers will have to […]

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Why Cloud Computing Is Safer Than Anything Else: Welcome Windows 8

October 6, 2011

Windows 8 is a huge change in the way we will use our computers compared to the past. We were introduced to personal computing by Windows many years ago. The idea was that we would use our computer and application, and we would save our information on our computers. The internet meant we could now […]

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Mac Uninstaller – How To & FAQ

September 27, 2010

If you collect many Mac applications, images, large files and the like, you might be overdoing it for your Mac.  Have you checked available disk space lately? Maybe it is time that you unleash the power of Mac uninstaller. That’s easy, I just bring it to my  trash icon and its gone, right? Not always. […]

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Facebook Economy

July 5, 2010

Here are some fun facts about Facebook from Visual Economics on how the Facebook economy looks… – Facebook is estimated to be worth $7.9-11 billion. Users – Over 500 million users. – 200 million users use Facebook 55 minutes each day (average). Applications – Over 550,000 applications. – 70% of users use an application each […]

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Mobile Apps To Become “As Big As The Internet”?

July 20, 2009

Unless you’ve been living offline for the past year or so, you probably already know what kind of success Apple is experiencing with their App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Many other handset makers are trying to get in on the action by launching their own App Stores, so far not with the biggest […]

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