The future of mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2023

Mobile app development is continuously growing because of the continuous growth of iOS and Android Smartphones. The entire mobile app landscape and its development trend will undergo frequent shifts. Coming to 2023, there is an abundance of novel trends that one can expect to come to the surface. The mobile app developers will now exhibit … Read more →

How A Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Small Business 

Mobile phones have long gone from just being used to send messages and initiate calls. To date, it has become necessary to keep people connected, informed, and entertained.  More than 83% of the global population own smartphones, translating to 6.6 billion individuals. This figure is almost double from six years ago, when only 3.6 billion … Read more →

Top 8 eCommerce Mobile App Builders

It’s never been so easy to buy something new – all it takes is one click on a smartphone! Businesses of all sizes are launching mobile apps to become competitive in their sector because just having a good-looking site isn’t enough to find clients. According to surveys, despite mobile sites, 78% of clients prefer shopping … Read more →

Best Performing Mobile Ad Formats for Monetization

In-app advertising has evolved and gained popularity as one of the best strategies for mobile app monetization. Publishers today, look for optimal app monetization solutions. This motivates us to help you get insights into the best performing mobile ad formats used for game and app monetization. Smartphone users spend 4.2 hours per day using different … Read more →

How to write the perfect mobile app business plan?

Introduction A mobile app business plan is a document that contains information about an up-and-coming mobile app development company. The main task of this plan is to provide investors with all necessary data to evaluate your idea. According to statistics, 4.80 billion people worldwide used the internet in July 2021 – that’s almost 61 percent … Read more →

How to Boost Cell Phone Signal

Over 96% of Americans use some type of cell phone according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center. It’s clear that cell phone usage has become ubiquitous within American society. Having a cell phone was once considered a status symbol for the upper echelons of society has now become a commonplace piece of … Read more →

7 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Today in a world that never sleeps, ideas come floating and so limiting yourself to just to your desktop to write them down is not the wisest of decisions. We now have many writing applications for mobile devices, which to a very great extent, can help you replace your desktop. If you are one of … Read more →

How to Create a Budget For Your Mobile App Development in 6 Easy Steps?

While considering large-scale investments like mobile app development, the cost is an important factor in deciding whether a project will get the proverbial “green light” or not. However, the best part is that mobile app development is highly customizable and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cost. It all depends on what … Read more →

Top 10 ways 5G will impact gaming industry

The pandemic caused hysteria and panic all over the world, which resulted in us being confined to our homes. Everything moved to the digital realm and we were starving for entertainment. Video games came to the rescue; they have been a lifeline for many during these turbulent times. Games have allowed us to stay connected … Read more →

Best Mobile Credit Card Processing Systems

Update the way you handle credit card transitions with the latest in mobile credit card processing systems. Find out how a safe system, convenient touchscreen and credit card processing cash discount program can all combine to grow your business. Clover Station 2.0 One of the best mobile credit card processing systems on the market is … Read more →

How to Deliver Mobile Learning Content Through the Mobile Learning App

There is no question that mobile learning is here to stay. According to Emerald Works Research:   4% of learners feel it is essential to use a mobile device for training   43% of learners believe they are more productive using a mobile device.   89% of smartphone users download apps, and 50% of the apps downloaded they use for training   46% … Read more →

How Mobile App Development Can Help Businesses Up Their Game?

The world is at our fingertips now, isn’t it? Yes. We are talking about mobile applications that nearly serve every purpose these days. Businesses from around the world; be it eCommerce, healthcare, sports, entertainment, fitness, education, food delivery payment, or others, there’s a mobile application for each industry.  Many small businesses think that they don’t … Read more →

Will Cross-Platform App Frameworks Stand Robust in 2020 and ahead?  

Darwinism at its finest – that’s how the businesses and the world triumphs in 2020.  How to choose the best cross-platform app frameworks?  Relying on the trends, here are the platforms, on which we can rely.  Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide in 2019 and 2020 Source: Statista  But the question is, “Will … Read more →