7 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Today in a world that never sleeps, ideas come floating and so limiting yourself to just to your desktop to write them down is not the wisest of decisions. We now have many writing applications for mobile devices, which to a very great extent, can help you replace your desktop.

If you are one of those people who like to jot down ideas or love to wander not only in thoughts while writing or are simply always on the go, a good writing app on your mobile device is a must! So here I present to you a list of 7 best Writing Apps for mobile devices which you can try.

1. ColorNote Notepad Notes for Android

The beauty of this App is its simplicity, although one cannot deny the fact that it’s not a full-fledged word processor. The attention to intricate details revolving from changing fonts, font size, color to attractive background colors, and patterns available on this application cannot be ignored. 

Using ColorNote, one can not only jot down points, set reminders for the next day, set pages and widgets on your home screen, surf through your previous work using a search tab, but also write memos and professional emails. The interface of this application is very minimal, making it easy to use and thus a perfect contender when it comes to choosing a Writing Application for Androids. 

2. iA Writer for iOS and Android 

iA writer is one of the most well-known text editors used by almost half a million people worldwide. Its smart and minimal interface makes it very popular among millennials. 

In addition to features like changing fonts, font color, font size, it also provides functions such as syntax highlighting, focus mode (used to focus on the current sentence/paragraph), Content -constructor, PDF – Preview, and much more. Although the Android version of this application is lagging in some features like syntax highlighting, its powerful yet simple interface undeniably makes it one of the most sought after Writing Application for Mobile devices.

3. Google Docs for iOS and Android 

This writing app from G Suite comes with real-time autosave options and seamless integration with your google drive. The application allows you to create new documents and edit pre-existing documents written on the word. Inbuilt templates for resumes, articles, and letters make this an excellent application to write anything from informal drafts to resumes. 

Apart from the basic formatting features, Google Docs come with voice typing, clear formatting, bookmarks, page orientation options, and much more. One can also save files in offline mode and share these documents via link or softcopy. If you have a google account, this writing application is a one-stop destination for all your needs!

4. JotterPad for Android 

As the name suggests, JotterPad is a modest text editor that comes with a bunch of features that make it one of the better writing apps out there. The material interface of this application is to the point, making it easier to focus on your task.

Text written in JotterPad can be exported to several formats such as TXT, PDF, DOCX, etc. The application supports Dropbox integration as well as markdown and allows you to write text in many languages such as Spanish, French, English, Italian, etc. The recent versions of JotterPad also come with a feature to access a thesaurus in addition to a dictionary-making it a go-to application when writing professional documents on mobile devices.

5. Microsoft Word for iOS and Android 

Microsoft Word, the most popular word processor for desktop devices, is also available for Mobile devices. With the pre-existing features of the desktop application, it comes with coherent integration with OneDrive, which allows you to share documents via OneDrive. 

The word processor features many familiar tools such as font, font style, size, paragraph formatting, etc., which help you to write professionally engaging documents. However, the Dictate feature used to turn speech-to-text is one of the most appealing features which comes very handy when you are on the run.  

6. Drafts 5 for iOS 

The Drafts 5 is the new version for the Drafts markdown editor, which allows users to input text and then make changes to it. In addition to this, Drafts can also be used to jot down text and is one of the best writing pads you could ask for. 

It comes with many features such as themes, tagging, flagging, filtering, and many other editing options such as font, font size, color, spacing, autocorrect, spell- check and much more. The most stunning feature is the SiriKit integration, which helps you to write notes just by dictating them to Siri. For any iOS user who actively corresponds on their mobile, the Drafts 5 is a must-try!

7. Monospace Writer for Android

Monospace Writer presents itself as a discreet writing app that can be used for hassle-free writing. It comes with basic formatting features such as fonts, sizes, color, etc. One remarkable feature of Monospace Writer is that related articles can be organized using hashtags. 

It also supports Dropbox sync and export to markdown or plain text, making it an excellent choice when it comes to informal writing. Monospace Writer can be considered as a decent writing app for people who choose convenience over features. 


A good writing app is a strong base to better your writing. While you could improve your language skills with the help of this article, this one lets you know which app suits your style and needs best.

3 thoughts on “7 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices”

  1. I’ve tried the Monospace and Word, quite good on bigger size phone and especially good on tablet. There are so many alternative apps nowadays.

  2. I’ve attempted the Monospace and Word, very great on a greater size telephone and particularly great on a tablet. There are so numerous option applications these days.

  3. Love this list! Always on the lookout for a writing app that fits my on-the-go lifestyle. Excited to try out JotterPad – simplicity and export options sound perfect!


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