Integrated Health: Mobile Apps Unify Patient Care Journeys

For too long, navigating healthcare resembled an obstacle course for most consumers. Managing one’s health meant puzzling through disjointed apps tracking fitness data here, medical records there and Rx pickup reminders in another disconnected platform altogether. The perpetual administrative maze of bills, referrals and insurance claims piled stress atop already concerning diagnosis. Getting affordable access … Read more →

Apple adds new GarageBand Sound Packs from Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, and Today’s Top Music Producers

Apple has added new Sound Packs featuring top music artists to its GarageBand app. Grammy Award-winning artists Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa are among the stars who are giving users free rein on their hit songs “Free Woman” and “Break My Heart” – to remix and experiment with sound using their iPads and iPhones. GarageBand, … Read more →

Examples of Location Technology in Action

Location data has slowly but surely become a huge part of everyday life. We see and experience its effects all the time, sometimes without even noticing. If you log on to social media and see that your friend just “checked in” at a museum with their family, for example, or if you use a jogging … Read more →

How to Make a Mobile, Laptop/Computer Applications

Before making an app, you need to generate an app idea that will give out the transparent process and precise information that will tell what the app will help in and the applications’ work. You need to know whether the app is needed in the life present at that time. You need to do proper … Read more →

Reasons To Prefer Making iPhone Apps In 2021

The debate on Android vs. iOS is never-ending. But, there are certain reasons why you should prefer one over the other. Since the arrival of smartphones in our lives, their usage and their debates are always going on. While some debates are about hardware and camera quality, others pertain towards the convenience of their frameworks … Read more →

7 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Today in a world that never sleeps, ideas come floating and so limiting yourself to just to your desktop to write them down is not the wisest of decisions. We now have many writing applications for mobile devices, which to a very great extent, can help you replace your desktop. If you are one of … Read more →

How to Create a Budget For Your Mobile App Development in 6 Easy Steps?

While considering large-scale investments like mobile app development, the cost is an important factor in deciding whether a project will get the proverbial “green light” or not. However, the best part is that mobile app development is highly customizable and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cost. It all depends on what … Read more →

What apps should workers install on their phones upon joining a new company?

You’ve done it! Soon enough you will be launching into your new career in an exciting new company, visualising the multiple opportunities for progressive and positive endeavours at your fingertips.  However, starting a new job in a new environment can make routines and organising feel very scattered, as it takes time to find your feet … Read more →

Useful Personal Finance Apps

Applications are definitely very useful. Instead of hours browsing on the internet, they collect all data that you need within seconds simply by download the app from the app store on your smartphone device. The app store is full of applications that make our lives easier. Most important sites have already provided an app in … Read more →