First Use of iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite in B.C. saves Two Stranded Women

“The first use of the SOS in British Columbia” Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite feature has been credited for saving the lives of two women who were stranded in the wilderness of British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada. A report from the Times Colonist stated that on December 23, two women got lost on … Read more →

Tile to Penalize Stalkers using their Tracker with $1 Million Fine as Deterrence

Bluetooth trackers have gained a lot of popularity since the release of the Apple AirTags. However, despite their usefulness in tracking some of the things you have lost or misplaced, they have also gained infamy as a tool being used for stalking. Tile, an AirTag rival, believes they can deter the use of their tech … Read more →

Five ways GPS technology has transformed logistics

In the world of technology, there have been many fabulous advances over the years. From the internet and the cloud, to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, tech has impacted our lives a lot recently. This is as true for tech in the business world as it is in our personal lives. All businesses in all … Read more →

5 Gadgets to Make Sailing Easier

A new sailing season is about to start and it’s the perfect time to take inventory of all the essentials you might need. General cleaning, putting a good coat of wax and making sure all the drains are clear is just the beginning of the preparations. Lately, there are a lot of sailing related gadgets … Read more →

Can Technology Make us Safer Drivers?

Every year, automobile manufacturers come up with new technology for the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]safety of passengers[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]safety of passengers[/tp], from seat belts, airbags, lane departure warning systems, active braking, blind spot detection features, and alert driving warnings, among others. In addition, there are also gadgets and devices designed to assist drivers, such as satellite navigation devices … Read more →

Mobile Tracking: More Than Just a GPS Function

GPS is the popular name for global positioning system devices that people commonly use for direction-finding while driving, walking and other cases. Actually, GPS is a space-age technology that allows you to find out the location and weather information. After the Cold War, the United States government felt the need to spend the money on … Read more →

The Gadget to Save Money on Fuel

We all know that fuel prices are on a constant increase. You see that needle slipping closer and closer to the red line with each turn of your wheels knowing full well that there’s another extortionate outlay on the way, but quite simply, we all need to put fuel in our cars, motorbikes and lorries … Read more →

GPS: A Key In Tackling Overpopulation

More and more industries are looking towards innovations like GPS vehicle tracking software to tackle the transportation landscape of the future. Back in February, Bill Ford, chairman of Ford Motor, spoke at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he urged governments, the auto world, and communication companies to work together in solving global … Read more →

GPS Tracking Equipment –a Boon to Your Business

A GPS tracking system can help in securing business and personal life. They can help in detecting productivity times of employees, poor driving abilities or poor route selections, practices of unsafe practices and speed driving, unauthorized and personal use of vehicles, exaggerated or untrue time sheets, showing work details, excessive breaks for lunch and tea, … Read more →