Some Essential Things to Know about Eating Out with a Watch on Your Weight

November 23, 2018

People love to eat out and are in search of the best restaurants for them to book a family dinner or so. While eating out at a restaurant, there are some essential things you should now to navigate away from the danger zones and stay healthy, which we will discuss in this article. Planning the […]

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The Most Suitable Diet Plan

March 20, 2017

“Weight” this term obsession has taken a lot of attention on so many people, everyone is trying to lose weight from the young to the old generation, the implication behind it has many comments, so many will say they want to lose weight because they fear obesity if you ask me now if I would […]

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6-Week Rescue System for Bloggers to Regain Fitness

June 8, 2012

Blogging and bad health have become synonyms to each other. Several analyses show that bloggers tend to loose their fitness gradually, unlike other businesses, where one can maintain ideal health. This is why, several health programs like Medifast and Nustrisystem have come up for rescue of the bloggers community. A well-set system is needed for […]

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Important Secrets about Loosing Fat that Fit Bloggers Never Revealed

May 31, 2012

A good balance of fat in any body highlights its fitness. With the perfect blend of right fat and food exercise, muscles become well shaped and attractive. The solution to a balanced life for any blogger encompasses many factors like success at work, healthy lifestyle and right food habits as suggested by various wonderful initiatives […]

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Why Bloggers Need to Be in Good Health in Order to Make Money and 12 Tips for a Blogger to Stay Fit

May 20, 2012

That most of us bloggers are in need of some form of physical fitness is beyond argument. Apart from the hours we condemn ourselves to behind our computers, we have a million and one obligations calling out for our attention such that we hardly have time to exercise. Personally, even on the days I wake […]

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Little Known Apps That Can Help You A Lot in Your Weight Loss Venture

May 20, 2012

I refuse to believe that the creature staring back at me from my bathroom mirror is me. Every morning it gives at me that sad grin and reminds me what years of sedentary indulgence have finally lead to. But I have resolved to rid my bathroom of this unwanted guest and restore the more slender, […]

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5 Tips for Tech Bloggers Who Want to Lose Weight and Blog Better

May 17, 2012

If you search online, there are treasure troves of information you can find on losing weight. For bloggers however, the situation is a bit trickier compared to others. Bloggers, and especially tech bloggers, tend to lead a more relaxed lifestyle. Sitting in a chair all day, walks to the bathroom or kitchen and scratching your […]

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Top iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Lose Weight

March 14, 2012

Living with abnormal body weight is no less than a curse. In addition, if you find it difficult to lose weight in this technology-based world, you are certainly living under the rocks. If you can afford the much-acclaimed iPhone, you can add fuel to your weight loss efforts. There are innumerable applications designed for the […]

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Top 3 Android Apps for Healthy Weight Loss

January 28, 2012

What apps do you usually download from the Android Market? Maybe games? Social apps? Book readers and music apps? I guess you do, since those are the most famous apps with the biggest download number on the Android Market. But did you know that Android Market has much to give those who’re trying to lead […]

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